'Nearly 2 million excess deaths after China ended ‘zero-Covid’: study (Xiao et al.); why? IMO, ZERO-COVID lockdown damages a population whereby the population i)is deprived of gaining natural exposure

by Paul Alexander

immunity harmlessly ii)delays inevitable iii) no background immunity when society opens up so very vulnerable if variant is infectious iii)destroys economy iv)society acts as a 'susceptible' sponge

‘the sudden lifting of zero COVID policy was associated with significant increases in all-cause mortality.’

Of course this will happen!

This was expected, given no background immunity as was locked down tight, and you had an infectious variant omicron circulating so of course everyone will get infected and the elderly will be vulnerable.

You also place the variant under pressure, natural selection pressure and thus it evolves in response and we underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve.

All China needs to do is to protect its high-risk vulnerable persons, use Vit D3, use nasal-oral rinces, proper ventilation, early anti-viral, corticosteroid, anti-clotting treatment as needed, stay home is unwell and take no COVID vaccine, NONE!

‘Researchers estimate there were 1.87 million excess deaths from all causes among people 30 years and older from December 2022 to January, according to the study from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle published Thursday. The deaths, which were observed across all mainland Chinese provinces, except Tibet, were predominantly among older people.

China’s strict zero-Covid policies, which included mass testing, border closures and extended citywide lockdowns, kept Covid cases and deaths to a minimum for much of the pandemic. But when the government abruptly lifted the restrictions in December after rare mass protests across the country, the virus was unleashed on 1.4 billion people who had barely been exposed to it.

The resulting wave of cases, driven by the highly transmissible omicron variant, brought a huge increase in hospitalizations and deaths that experts say were underreported by officials. They pointed to anecdotal evidence, as well as satellite imagery showing heightened activity at crematoriums and funeral homes.’