Neil Oliver – ‘..they want us to do what? Are they insane mad people, wanting an amnesty? Is she serious & really we need to forgive? You people lined up to demonize & destroy us & now want AMNESTY?

by Paul Alexander

Yes, we want criminal investigations & tribunals & hearings & publicly & they must be fined & punished, & imprisoned, yes, imprisoned, these people like Fauci & Bourla & Birx to be jailed; FREE book!

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Start here to listen to Neil Oliver’s discussion below, I give a little background of my views first:

She says unless there is amnesty, we cannot move forward. She is insane. No no no Emily, we need investigations FIRST and punishment, we want justice! Full justice! Period and if it involves you, so be it! You now us to pretend all that madness did did not happen? Oh we hurt your feelings now so stop talking? You wanted us to be held down in the street and vaccinated. In Canada Trudeau wanted us to be treated as terrorists, we had bank accounts frozen.

No EFF in way Emily!

No way Emily and listen to this, this is how I feel about your ask: