NEJM's Marine Corps Recruit Depot, Parris Island, in South Carolina study, remains swept under the rug, but remains a key one; why? It showed quarantine, social distancing, and MASKS, did not work

by Paul Alexander

Almost 1.5 years old, and not discussed, but this one elegant study introduced to me 1.5 years ago by Dr. Ramin Oskoui, held many nuggets that masks DO NOT work with this pathogen COVID

This one marine recruit study was as instructive as The Diamond Princess and USS Theodore Roosevelt air craft carrier COVID outbreaks; the 2 ships were our petri dishes and we dismissed them, covered them up, the media and research and medical community and Fauci and Francis Collins et al. pretended they were not raising clarion calls and crying out, that the data was not screaming out, on the roughly 20% ceiling of this pathogen routinely, that about 80% of a base population appeared to have some form of immunity or protection, that the death rate was less than 1% and that this virus would not burn through even a confined space, well we need to consider the highly infectious omicron yet very non-lethal omicron and the viral dynamics at play here e.g. is this an entirely different variant/strain etc. given the 15 or so spike mutations?

But had we given the Princess and Roosevelt the credence they deserved and studied that data near 2 years ago as I and others called out for, and used it, we would not be in the cr*p we are still in. We remain ignorant, hubris laden, illogical, irrational, specious, idiotic, moronic, non-sensical so called academic scientists and doctors…we are a bunch or asinine dangerous ruthless fools who ran after money and research grants and our little clubs in academia and medicine etc. and decided that it did not matter our patients would die, we would pretend as we did for the 2 ships’ data, that early treatment did not work or was not on deck. We would not do any safety studies and bring a non-sterilizing, non- Ab neutralizing vaccine that does not cut the chain of transmission, and that would only drive natural selection (fittest, competitively advantaged) variants and possibly a lethal one that could wipe out humanity, but the money and the job position and the kickbacks and the favours and perks and buying your silence and complicity were more important than saving lives and doing the right thing.

What a bunch of filthy inept reckless bastards we all were these last 2 years…Well, most of us.


SARS-CoV-2 Transmission among Marine Recruits during Quarantine