Nepalese plane crash: In the midst of this tragedy the root cause analysis should include the pilot's medical history & COVID gene injection status; did he have cardiac arrest? would we be told truth?

by Paul Alexander

Did the pilot die suddenly? What happens if this was due to the side effects of the COVID vaccine that doomed the plane, made it fall? Do you understand money $ at stake? Would we be lied to?

I know nothing about planes in terms of how to fly them or mechanically repair them.

I am asking a simple question and this is not a conspiracy theory. I fear we will never know the truth. I may even be attacked by my question here. It does not bother me for all I/we seek is the truth and in this era of ‘DIED SIDDENLY’ we have to consider the role of vaccine induced illness, cardiac arrest etc. It is happened and has happened broadly.

We have to be alert to this and be willing to ask the tough questions. The implication no doubt is staggering if we have tens of thousands of airline pilots at risk of sudden harm or death in flight. Same for flight attendants.

Yes, there are constant plane crashes in Nepal and reports are they are due to poor training and maintenance. Yet we have an elephant in the room (COVID vaccine) and I ask that the prior poor track record not be used to sweep a potential signal under the rug.

Note, I lived and worked in Nepal for 2 years (around 2002 to 2004) as I was the Canadian in-field infectious diseases epidemiologist for Health Canada on a SAARC Canada (UN) HIV and MDR-TB project as HIV and drug resistant TB was rearing its head and causing substantial suffering. Nepal and the main city Kathmandu were fascinating to me, and the people were simply tremendous and among the best, taken advantage of by international agencies and local government. Pure corruption. I had the opportunity thus to work around India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Maldives and the 7-8 South Asian nations, with Nepal as the base (I headed a Health Canada office we rented out of the Canadian Embassy in Kathmandu, in the location of Lazimpat).

Back to this substack and the plane crash, all we have been told have been lies from day one (3 years now), with regards to the origins of the COVID virus, who is involved, the timeline of origin, the fraud failed devastating lockdowns, the school closures, the business closures, the mask mandates, all of it. Just censoring and cancelling of any and all of us who simply questioned the lack of evidence for any of the government lockdown lunatic actions and when we were seeing the catastrophic collateral effects of the actions.

I ask. I fear we will be lied to with even this. As with everything now. Nothing we hear in the media and delivered by our governments can ever be regarded as truthful, we just do not know, and shockingly, one of the greatest purveyors of falsehoods are our medical doctors. The very one group we felt across time we could have trusted, have turned out to be among the most distrustful and deceitful and misleading, and for benefit. Even if it meant keeping their job over refusing to give a medical exemption and someone (their patient) losing theirs. Their job was more important that that of their patient’s ability to earn a living and put food on the table. Many patients suffered harms and died as a result.


The medical community failed us. Their reputation is damaged forever.

This era of lies helped to help advance a certain narrative especially around a COVID gene injection (lies by the alphabet health agencies CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky etc. and the vaccine makers Pfizer and Moderna), a narrative of ‘safe and effective’ when the data near 2 years now showed the gene shot was ineffective, entered into negative effectiveness territory, with rapidly waning vaccinal immunity, and even harms and deaths due to the shot. So if the Nepalese pilot did incur some medical emergency due to the shot and it hampered his/her capacity to fly the plane as it was landing (it seems to have just turned sideways and dropped as it was headed to land), would we be told this? Did the pilot lose consciousness? Was it due to the vaccine or some other factor? If this were true and it was due to the vaccine (and we do not know), do you understand the implications to the overall airline industry? The money involved. I know of some people who refuse to fly anymore, and will only drive, no matter how far.

I understand and their fears are well placed.