Nepetalactone Newsletter ANANDAMIDE (Kevin McKernan, scientist with 25 years experience in genomic field & leading expert in sequencing methods for DNA and RNA); exceptional high-quality scholarship

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer, Moderna bivalent vaccines contain 20-35% expression vector & transformation competent in E.coli; The plasmid DNA is the ‘complete recipe’ used to program bacterial cells to mass produce mRNA

The DNA should not be present and McKernan is signalling that the plasmid DNA in the COVID mRNA technology based gene injections is potentially able to transform in bacterial cells (this by McKernan is underpinned by the bivalent vaccine). The key question is: can the mRNA & DNA as per McKernan’s (DNA plasmids) work actually insert into the human genome? What are the implications to humanity? What did the inventors of the mRNA technology that is core to the COVID gene injections know about this DNA plasmids and when did they know it and what did they do to warn the world about the potential implications? Did they do anything? Kariko? Weissman? The capacity for the DNA (plasmids) to insert into the core human genome in an individual or societally or across humanity has potentially huge implications.

Did anyone think of this? The Tin-man Godlike complex ‘inventors’? Kariko? Weissman? Were the appropriate pharmacodynamic or pharmacokinetic studies done? What about teratogenicity? Oncogenicity? Any safety studies by Malone or Kariko or Weissman on their mRNA technology? As they worked on mRNA within the confines of lipid-nano particles e.g. exosomes? We know that spike protein is packaged in exosomes and exits the cell. What did Boural or Bancel or Sahin know and did about this?


The reality is that McKernan’s scholarship showed that the genetic material/vaccine had about 30% DNA contamination and was found in the recent bivalent ‘mouse model FDA EUA approved’ vaccine (over 1000 times the allowed concentration). What health effects would this have if verified? I see no reason to discount the excellent scholarship of McKernan.

Nepetalactone Newsletter
Pfizer and Moderna bivalent vaccines contain 20-35% expression vector and are transformation competent in E.coli
Preamble- Follow on estimations of DNA/RNA contamination with alternative methods and more lots has reproduced contamination above the EMA limit but are less extreme than 20-35%. Please be certain to read the follow on substacks. These substacks look at Qubit readings and qPCR and found 43:1 - 161:1 Ratio of RNA:DNA in the Pfizer monovalent vaccines. Li…
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