Nero fiddled as Rome burned, same, Biden et al. fiddled as Ohio burned; why? they do not care because the residents are conservative, republican voters, TRUMP people; they can just die! Pete Buttigieg

by Paul Alexander

& husband will take another parental leave stint before lifting a finger to help residents of East Palestine, Ohio; hell, that vinyl chloride can burn through your Republican skin, "no help for you"

So because these voters are Trump people, this Biden administration will not help? Shame, disgusting, and Biden will travel to Ukraine to meet the drag queen over his own Ohio peoples?

Where is that kindness, compassion, love, togetherness, where is that government support given these government people suck the teats off the tax payer trough…where?

Biden will visit the cross-dresser dancer in pumps in Kyiv Ukraine before helping Ohio people, again, they voted for Trump, to Biden et al., his administration, they are as well as non-existent. The train wreck spill response proves it. The government does not care that dioxin, which is a major contaminant from the burning of the vinyl chloride in the Ohio, and which is a major toxin, can harm Americans devastatingly.