NEVER leave a marine behind; Biden administration JUST DID, left another, Whelan, behind for WNBA player Griner in a reckless prisoner swap for Viktor Bout, like 13 killed leaving Afghanistan;

by Paul Alexander

the left, Biden et al. show you just how they value US military who is scum to them, a WNBA player caught with cannabis oil is worth same as the Russian 'merchant of death' & more than a marine

Did Griner kneel against the flag?

Question: If Griner was a white heterosexual male or even female, some argue that she would still be in the Russian prison. What do you think? Is there credibility to this? If so then this is more wrong on even greater levels. Does the Biden administration get so ‘in the weeds’ minutia in its decisions to ensure it’s particular philosophy is enacted? Some say they did that with the WH Press Secretary. Some say their decisions has nothing to do with the person or issue. Just that they use the decision to provoke the larger society so that republican law makers and the like will mouth off and they can then use it against them. Purely to provoke a remark by ‘the other side’ so it can be used as election sound bites and to unify the left. I never thought of it that way. Interesting. I don’t know. I am silent on it. I leave it up to you to opine. Please add your remarks.

The Bee wrote today that Griner would likely ask to return to a Russian jail if she sees an American flag and is asked to stand for the anthem. I did not think of that either. What do you think? I would be outraged if she thought poorly of the flag that just freed her. I would think she loves America, the flag, the anthem, the laws, the borders, the military, the police and all the great things especially the constitution. Do you?

Yet if you could allow me, the issue is like you, I want no one detained and imprisoned etc. especially on foreign soil. Happy that she returned home. Yet from their perspective, she broke their law. I know too there is and was some level of politics in this arrest. I would imagine. But it was her fever to sweat for as she made her decisions. But no matter how you look at this prisoner trade, it stinks to high heavens and it is WRONG WRONG WRONG on any level. This is near MADNESS. It makes no sense. A WNBA player is worth the same as the merchant of death? How? Let us look at it that way. And by the way, I am sorry, Biden’s son did not die in battle and he must stop invoking him that way. Great that he served but he died from cancer as I understand. Sad but true. Praise for service yet be honest. Not in battle and these people, I am sorry Biden too, try to steal valor and get credit when it is not due. If he died serving or on the battle field that’s one thing, but to keep mentioning and invoking him when you talk of active soldiers on the battlefield who died in battle etc. is a mistruth and deception. I call it as it is. A lie. A tacit lie meant to deceive.

The left hates the military, uses it for convenience and simply to enrich themselves (and btw, so do republicans). Obama did same for that puke fraud BergDOG (Bergdahl), remember him, the one he traded for serious deadly middle eastern killers. Remember the deserter who was traded for the vicious five, I remind you with their high school picture day photos below. This is the left, do not forget. Remember these 5 innocent friendly neighborhood homies, flying kites and building sandcastles sending you butterfly kisses. They were not building bombs and not trying to kill as many Americans (and us) as they could. Obama thought they were priests, innocent priests. He equated one deserter who placed soldiers ta risk searching for his deserter arse to these five. Do you? Do you think the Bout-Griner trade was fair or equal or even should have happened? I say no, never and certainly if not inclusive of Whelan and maybe 10 others.