'New Data Links Pandemic’s Origins to Raccoon Dogs at Wuhan Market' & Katherine Wu of The Atlantic 'strongest evidence': IMO, mendacious BULL SH*T, this 'slow kill' bioweapon was no accident; what?

by Paul Alexander

more RACOON dogs bullshit? and they the malfeasants know that navel gazing Republicans controlling the house will now end investigations; republicans & democrats have no intent on solving this

Better why? because now they are liable to do so much crap and fail, that they will lose the house in 2024, not get back senate, and never touch the WH again. Should have let the dems own the failures they created until 2024. Now repubs own it. Dems will blame them too on border crisis, just watch. And it will sell.


‘An international team of virus experts said on Thursday that they had found genetic data from a market in Wuhan, China, linking the coronavirus with raccoon dogs for sale there, adding evidence to the case that the worst pandemic in a century could have been ignited by an infected animal that was being dealt through the illegal wildlife trade.’

All evidence I see today point to lab, man engineered and multiple release points.

Read this other piece of drivel tripe garbage reporting by The Atlantic (Katherine Wu):

Can you believe this garbage that The Atlantic will print?