New game in town, within the COVID Freedom Movement anti-lockdown, vaccine crowd of doctors & scientists called "Malone hates Alexander for asking him questions, so we have to hate Alexander despite

by Paul Alexander

all he has done over 3 years now, way more than us sorry leeches & grifters & grafters money pimping whores to the unsuspecting public, else Malone will threaten our donors, sorry Paul, we are sorry"!

“It is beyond our control, when it comes to our money whorish ways, for we really have no skill and talent outside of medicine etc. so we got to get all we can and ride this COVID Freedom movement horse as long as we can, even if it means hurting you Paul”. This is what is being told to me in different variations, but same story by various people.

Did you know Freedom Fighter groups that I was part of near forming, over 3 years ago, have threatened me to don’t ask Malone questions else he will get donors to cut funding to them. A couple even blocked me for I would not stop. Imagine the Freedom Fighter movement censors scientists and doctors who ask questions of Malone. The very same thing we were set up to fight against.

The COVID anti-Freedom Movement has become highly incestuous, money making, thats all, you congratulate me, for nothing, I congratulate you for nothing and we self-promote and keep this circle of incestuousness going.

Malone’s lawsuit of Breggins damaged the movement I say irrepairably for had some of the doctors and scientists who have prostrated themselves stood up and spoken out against Malone’s suit, the damage would have not set in.

The movement is basically over. It is done! They know it. Now they are on vapor wringing the last breath out of each other for donor money. Trying to come up with ways to keep the fear porn going. They call out the media for fear porn. No, they should listen to themselves.

I have zero against Malone, we worked well together prior. I had no issue and in fact we got along well. Stood on stage together many times. I just find he has conferred no benefit to the COVID anti movement, yet benefitted himself and talks gobbly gook, IMO of no substance to the issues at hand. He came at me the moment I defended the Breggins and McCullough, from his attacks. I had done him nothing yet he immediately turned on me, he took to stack, emails, and Twitter to cast aspersions and so I have had no other choice but to respond. It is easy however for he has serious questions to answer for his mRNA technology that is the basis for the shots, have killed.

I wish him well. I do. But I seek answers to the scientific questions.

I am very pained by the turn of events for I thought we were a family and we operated as such within the COVID Freedom Movement asking serious questions and seeking accountability, speaking out when cancelled in other areas, so that it could benefit the public, unified, until Malone was allowed to join. It is that simple, all was well within the anti-COVID, anti-lockdown movement before Malone joined it, and from then, it’s been division, chaos, law suits, and good people going bad, running after money and ‘possible’ money. Some for Malone, who really has done zero for the anti-COVID Freedom cause, IMO, have even sought to alienate me (and others) but they need go study what I survived in Washington, study me first, and ask themselves if they could survive that. It is ok, I can wage without them. I can handle them. I dont need be part of their ‘groups’. I am showing that. They have alientated good people and hurt them.

Thing is, I understand you, you spineless money whore COVID Freedom Fighter and the couple of individuals, doctors I might add, who have poked at me, betrayed me, backstabbed me, just know that I don’t play polyanna games. If you smear me, slander me etc., I will return it in kind. Sorry about that. Anything you do to me, I will return it to you. I ask you to leave me alone. Stay out of the Malone Alexander issue. This is scientific, yet you have made it personal for you feel your donor money is slipping away. I know you are pusillanimous and weak and spineless and basically a master grifter, so I will do the work of getting the scientific answers on mRNA technology from Malone and Kariko and Weissman et al. that you failed to get. I will try for if it can help save lives, it is worth the stress.

I ask again, please do not interfere with me, you lackies and sycophants, try and stay on the anti-COVID Freedom fight cause.