New York Attorney General Letitia James sues Trump and family; widespread fraud claims, seeks at least $250 million in penalties; as a side note, I think the AG has a fetish for the Donald, IMO

by Paul Alexander

Letitia claims: “Mr. Trump’s Statements of Financial Condition for the period 2011 through 2021 were fraudulent and misleading in both their composition and presentation,”


Donald Trump Sued for Fraud by NY Attorney General — With Criminal Referral to IRS

‘It also seeks to permanently bar Trump, Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump from serving as an officer of a company in New York, and permanently prohibit the Trump companies named in the suit from doing business in New York state.’



“Another Witch Hunt by a racist Attorney General, Letitia James,” Trump wrote on his social media platform, Truth Social, on Wednesday. Trump is white and James is Black.

“I never thought this case would be brought — until I saw her really bad poll numbers,” Trump wrote, referring to James’ reelection race. “She is a fraud who campaigned on a ‘get Trump’ platform, despite the fact that the city is one of the crime and murder disasters of the world under her watch!”

Trump’s lawyer, Alina Habba, in a statement Wednesday, said, “Today’s filing is neither focused on the facts nor the law – rather, it is solely focused on advancing the Attorney General’s political agenda.”

“It is abundantly clear that the Attorney General’s Office has exceeded its statutory authority by prying into transactions where absolutely no wrongdoing has taken place,” Habba said.

“We are confident that our judicial system will not stand for this unchecked abuse of authority, and we look forward to defending our client against each and every one of the Attorney General’s meritless claims.”