New York gone wild! Now urges masks to protect against monkeypox! Not telling GAY & bisexuals to not have skin to skin intimate & sexual contact if high risk and/or infected, NO! politically correct!

by Paul Alexander

A whole load of bullshit as usual from CDC, that agency should be shut down, it has played games with monkeypox and is forcing it to expand to the low risk heterosexual community; NO masks!

Your child has near zero risk with monkeypox and contracting it in school. Children in GAY households if someone is infected are at risk. Schools are not a place that parents should worry about in terms of foci.

The vast majority if not all cases continue to be among men who have sex with men, GAYS males and bisexuals. We are very concerned about the bisexual community spreading not just monkeypox but all infectious STD pathogen as they at times take it home to their low risk monogamous wife who does not know he visits bath houses and engages in gay bisexual sexual intimacy. It is the bisexual males who took HIV home to his unsuspecting wife. Sadly and expanded HIV and made it a general population infection. It never was! Yet we spent too much time on blame and ostracization and we forgot the virus, the science. We must not ostracize and stigmatize.


I continue to warn the GAY and bisexual community that they are at risk for monkeypox due to immune suppression having had the COVID injections. They should take extra precautions e.g. no touching for some weeks. The message is no sex, no anal sex, no skin to skin, no petting, nothing, no intimate contact, none for 2-4 weeks.


Another virus, another mask! New Yorkers told to mask up again after local patient tests POSITIVE for same genus virus as monkeypox