New York Times (NYT) reporter, Washington DC tried very hard for me to give her interview when I was in DC in Trump administration to give her dirt on POTUS; I refused; she tried to gain my confidence

by Paul Alexander

She told me over coffee there are three (3) things the entire DC media seeks to do daily once they have a scoop/hit/story they are after and if the decision is to go after an individual politically

  1. they would write in a way, all of them, collectively, they work together, all of them, for a 48 hour cycle as they know something else, some other hot job, will emerge, so they write knowing a very small fraction of the target, very very small, will kill themselves and they would get their aim…literally they do not care she told me, if you killed yourself…the aim is you are the target is to destroy and that is the ultimate…she said look at history and you will see some who have

  2. then if they the media in DC and elsewhere (most if not all come from the Columbia school of journalism, that bastion of XXXXX) do not get the 1st aim (which likely will not happen but does at times), and they know its highly unlikely that, but this is the nirvana for them, then they write relentless and knowing all is a lie, they know that all they write are lies, but they then write to burn your life down, destroy all about you, lie after lie and they know it but do not care, they make up things, but do not care, they destroy you so that you never earn a living again and your name is smeared and slandered, destroy your family, everyone, and they do it as a pack of rabid animals, they write knowing they will destroy you fully and this was the approach she told me they were using against POTUS Trump and his family…this is the main manner they operate and this 2nd is what they mainly achieve and this is what they are good at…and when they have a target they want to cover up like you see daily, then they as a pack DO NOT write anything, suppress it fully as if it does not exist, they meet daily to design the approach daily as a pack and even work with people in govn to set the narrative depending on who is in power

  3. and if they cannot get the 2nd, if you are strong, like Trump, people like that, people who can withstand the filth of the media and the lies and corruption, from the fecal media, then they would not stop and continue writing a bit more to invoke crazy unhinged ‘woke’ people types in the society to harm you, to stalk you, to harass you and your family and they do it by writing in a way to leak your phone numbers, your address etc. If they do not get the 2nd, they then write to get people in the society to come at the target.

She was correct, for after a 3 day onslaught on people in my office and me in the media, the filth of the fecal putrid DC media etc. Justice Ruth Bader passed and she and people in govn called me to say para “see, did we not tell you, wait 2 days, hold on, another story will emerge, so now you are no longer the story and you survived us, the media so good for you’…

Yes, that's those animals. she actually made a joke of it…she never got an interview with me…IMO they are all insane. Trump did not know just how filthy the swamp of DC is/was. I praise him for who could have withstood the incoming he took daily and his family. Who?