"New York's HIV experiment": The NIH/NIAID (Fauci et al.) conducted experiments on black HIV infected orphans in a NY orphanage; these beasts in senior posts absolve themselves with 'the NOBLE lie'

by Paul Alexander

Black Americans/colored persons, poor persons (color dont matter), must always be afraid of government; Tuskegee will never end, just changed names; Candace Owens, Charlamagne tha God, Minaj are right

This is a painful story and like all such information, we must vet it and verify veracity, but I believe it. Most of it. So lets check to ensure it is accurately reported but have no doubt, black people have been treated like animals and worse by public health in the US for near one century. CDC and NIH have no care for black Americans, for brown and poor people, none. Their health? Come on, do not make me laugh this morning. This is the tragedy of life.

Do you know of what they do in places like India among poor people? These sick drug companies? They pimp off the poor destitute people and use them in their clinical trials often lying to them and giving them next to nothing and many die…

“Some of India’s poorest people may have been used as guinea pigs by drug companies to test new drugs without their prior consent, a BBC Newsnight investigation has revealed.

The Newsnight investigation heard from families in India who spoke of being given ‘special’ treatment and expensive ‘foreign drugs’ paid for by a ‘special government fund for poor people’.” (https://www.pharmaceutical-technology.com/uncategorised/newsindias-poor-possibly-used-in-illegal-drug-trials-without-their-consent/)

Tuskegee always, just by a different name and different time but the poor among us will always be disadvantaged and debased and dehumanized and treated worse than the worse animals and even the latter must never be. These people in élite posts in positions of power in society think they are God and they get to decide what you are to be subjected to and how you live…you are the unwashed masses’, the unclean always, because you dont run in their circles…they live in their heads with the concept of the ‘NOBLE lie’ where they know whats best for you and you do not and they know it so well that they do not need tell you what they are doing to you and if you ever get to find out, you will ‘understand’…for they know ‘what is best for you’, you are too stupid to know…you are ‘regular’…you are blue color worker, you just need work and work hard the rest of your life and pay tax and we the elites will live in our upper echelon world and run your life for ‘you dont know what to do’….

This story is not the first and not the last, there are many. What these beasts in government did re Tuskegee must never EVER be forgotten and yes, black Americans must never trust these COVID vaccines for I do not and many dont because there are just too many questions and we are seeing that it was not developed optimally and now we see the effect. Go look at the CDC’s VAERS database and see the 20,000 persons who have died 1-2 to 5 days post shot and the 1 million adverse effects and know that the VAERS collects at most 10% of the morbidity and mortality data….

So when Candace Owens comes out against the vaccines, she is right. When she questions, I applaud her. For her bravery. And being informed. She should ask Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins, “did you use the last 2 years to warn black and brown Americans about the need for vitamin D supplements as this would cut your risk down to zero?” did they? no, these people dont ‘see’ black people…so yes, America is the greatest nation bar none and holds out the only chance we have today as a world and the greatest beacon of hope, but until we fix the ills and sickness that still pervade people’s minds…until we educate them that the blood of the black man and the brown man littered the battle fields like all others and that their blood runs red too and that they have the same hopes and dreams…until we remind people that before the ‘Great Society’ by Johnson, up to 1965, blacks too the prior 100 hears post ending of slavery are were digging out, on par with all others and even outpacing in all socioeconomic indicators, based on honesty, hard work, family, education, religion etc. Yes, I said it, they were ‘outpacing’…it was all these government folk seeking to do goo by them, with their food stamps and welfare and section 8 etc., that from 1965 plunged all indicators downwards…they hurt them and they did not ‘need’ what the government was selling…you broke wills and created dependency and not only for blacks but whites too…1 in 4 African American families were headed by a single persons (mother or grand mother), and after this ‘help’ in 1965 from then on look at it, 3 in 4 now headed by a single person…and often grand mother…these beasts broke the family, the ‘nuclear family’, took God and religion, a sense of faith, and created dependency taking the strong black man and vilifying him and driving him out of the home…

So yes, this story does not surprise me…

Do not trust for you cannot. Their history tells you that you cannot.


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New York's HIV experiment

By Jamie Doran
Reporter/producer, Guinea Pig Kids

HIV positive children and their loved ones have few rights if they choose to battle with social work authorities in New York City.


Following a complaint, an investigation by the BBC's Editorial Complaints Unit has identified serious failings with this programme and ruled that some of the online material based on it was misleading.

For full details click here

The issues raised in this programme prompted the New York authorities to commission an independent study.

You can read the report here

Jacklyn Hoerger's job was to treat children with HIV at a New York children's home.

But nobody had told her that the drugs she was administering were experimental and highly toxic.

"We were told that if they were vomiting, if they lost their ability to walk, if they were having diarrhoea, if they were dying, then all of this was because of their HIV infection."

Power and authority

When I first heard the story of the "guinea pig kids", I instinctively refused to believe that it could be happening in any civilised country, particularly the United States, where the propensity for legal action normally ensures a high level of protection.

But that, as I was to discover, was central to the choice of location and subjects, because to be free in New York City, you need money.

'Serious side-effects'

One of the homes to which HIV positive children were taken was the Incarnation Children's Center, a large, expensively refurbished red-bricked building set back from the sidewalk in a busy Harlem street.

It is owned by the Catholic church and when we attempted to talk to officials at Incarnation we were referred to an equally expensive Manhattan public relations company, which then refused to comment on activities within the home.

Dr Rasnick is internationally renowned for his work on numerous diseases, including cancer

Hardly surprising, when we already knew that highly controversial and secretive drug experiments had been conducted on orphans and foster children as young as three months old.

We asked Dr David Rasnick, visiting scholar at the University of Berkeley, for his opinion on some of the experiments.

He said: "We're talking about serious, serious side-effects. These children are going to be absolutely miserable. They're going to have cramps, diarrhoea and their joints are going to swell up. They're going to roll around the ground and you can't touch them."

He went on to describe some of the drugs - supplied by major drug manufacturers including Glaxo SmithKline - as "lethal".