New Zealand, ahh New Zealand, you thought you could suffer your people and you found the 'holy grail' at COVID control...punishing lockdowns, but you budge, you open 1 day, explode rates

by Paul Alexander

This is what these ding dongs never understood when we told them; you could never lock down or vaccinate your way out of this, not with a non-sterilizing vaccine that does not stop transmission

So, look at the graph as of Jan 4th data…

New Zealand thought they could vaccinate their way out of this? And lock down their way out of this? They were wrong and soon they will pay the price.

New Zealand is stuck in place, they cannot move. I say open up in full, protect the elderly.

All the nations with elevated infections and cases, they locked down long and hard, they never allowed their populations to inch sufficiently closer to herd immunity with natural infection….they never got fully to herd immunity and they decided to vaccinate their way out of this with a broken non-sterilizing vaccine; so they have had large numbers of population sitting like sponges waiting for infection…we told these governments that if you vaccinate in the midst of a pandemic with massive infectious pressure (circulating virus) and with mounting sub-optimal immune pressure, pressure directed on the spike itself, the RBD, with a non-neutralizing non-sterilizing vaccine, that you would drive natural selection to select for fitter infectious variants and also thus would cause cases to sky rocket…the vaccinated would become infected, harbor massive loads and transmit…as we see…all of these high infected nations have high vaccination programs and no use of early treatment etc.

What is the result when you compound that they refused to use early treatment to reduce the infectious pressure/symptoms and thus transmission, refused to use it as prophylaxis…so what do we see? we see their rates exploded…no doubt, Omicron is mild and if this variant runs true to form, we will see a peak shortly, next week, and then a plummet down…we do not expect it to run any other way, nor any increased pathogenicity.

India and Japan (see graph), well, they have large natural immunity and have used early treatment rather successfully. They have large common colds and its immunity prior to COVID so were cross protected. There are other variables at play e.g. hygiene hypothesis in India. See the impact on infections and even deaths when you run the death curve??? It is flat. No 2 weeks death curve lag. Not going to happen, COVID is over, deaths are done…

But New Zealand, ahhh New Zealand, you simply delayed the inevitable…you and your shot gun partner in crime who have done sordid acts to your populations, you know the sweetheart, Australia….you hurt your people terribly…see what happened to Australia cases? Exploded. They locked down long and hard, most severe and no early treatment. Vaccinated the population relentlessly…we told them this and I will project now, as New Zealand moves to open, regardless of vaccine status, their infections will sky rocket. Again, you can never vaccinate or lock down your way out of this. To be successful with lock down, it must continue air tight for a very long time and you must have air tight borders that are closed for a long time. You will have destroyed your economy and society when you emerge and many would have harmed themselves, killed themselves.

So please New Zealand, do the right thing for once…protect the high risk and elderly, do that urgently, and open-up, allow the rest of society to live freely with reasonable safety and common sense precautions and decisions. Omicron offers you New Zealand a way out, open up, ensure hospitals can cope (they should be as you had 22 months). Face the inevitable. You caused this by your psychotic lock downs that left you today without any decent natural immunity in population, that you could surely use given the failed vaccines, and so the non-existent spread today and cases that we see in the graph, will immediately disappear. Your people will be infected massively with infectious omicron. There is no way out but to face this mild omicron variant. Do not lock down and suffer your people, your elderly. Any further. Open up. Protect the elderly and open up. Ge the population naturally immune and forget about the failed vaccine. It left you defenseless.

What do you think is happening in Austria? see graph, or Denmark?