New Zealand data today, infections/cases and the dreaded death curve that follows; NZ is vaccinated and had tightest lockdown, long and air tight; they were WRONG, we told them NOT to

by Paul Alexander

I/we told them you lock down so long and hard, you deny natural exposure immunity in your population and they will remain as sponges as omicron comes and it has; numbers game, deaths increasing

Look at Iceland too…look at India with heavy use of early treatment repurposed drugs.

No one is saying disregard omicron, but the symptoms are no worse than the flu and if there are deaths it tends to be alike flu…often no symptoms and less than common cold, it is that mild as a comparison. Still, it is the high-risk groups that are vulnerable and the focus was and is strong protections of the vulnerable, use of early treatment, and allow everyone else to live largely normal lives.

NZ boasted and boasted and the media fawned. And wrote garbage when we knew the danger of tight lockdowns such as no natural immunity and devastation to social fabric and economies. This is a vaccinated society. Stupidly, they will take this spike to run to vaccinate more and they still cannot get it into their heads that they are driving new variants and their vaccinated getting infected (antibody mediated viral enhancement); the result given massive infection and cases is death curve too, a numbers game. Sadly. They should have deployed prophylactic treatment and early treatment. They relied on a failed vaccine, failed and dangerous.