New Zealand High Court ENDS Jacinda Ardern’s Vaccine Mandate: “It’s a Gross Violation of Human Rights”; exactly the same matter in Canada & Truckers & in US; many Nordic nations done same already

by Paul Alexander

So when will power-drunk officials in Canada, inept morons, illogical, irrational, specious, absurd, unscientific & unsound health officials & govn technocrats admit they failed? Are adjectives ok?

Did I include enough adjectives? How is untermensche too? How is criminal too? I pray and fear for the police of Canada all levels and the military, and the police and military of US and all nations, who have been mandated with these vaccines. I fear that many will die in time due to the vaccines. It is very horrible what governments and their asinine idiotic COVID Task Forces did to our beautiful healthy police and militaries. They have hung a ‘Sword of Damocles’ over their heads…I fear when it will drop.

New Zealand PM gets over ruled by the courts on vaccine mandates

Precedence is set here with the archaic British Westminster System of law in Commonwealth hopefully the judges in Canada are watching...thank God Uncle Sam shed blood to rid itself of that system of laws and governance for as you have witnessed, it is gross and violative and neanderthal when so much power is vested into the hands of ruling governments...thank God for 1776 and I write here as someone living in the US; corrupted in its own way but much more checks and balances and nothing is perfect and we must always strive for a more perfect union and nations and laws and the like but Canada’s recent behavior, abuse of governmental power, its government actions on peaceful protestors that actually had legal ruling saying it was lawful for the protest as long as the horns were silenced reasonably, shows us what's wrong with that system. Remember, you do not elect the PM in a Westminster system, it is the party with the most MP seats, it is the leader they internally elect as their leader, could be Beavis, becomes the PM.