New Zealand & its COVID insanity continues: these men sent to jail today in March 2023 for their protests at the start of COVID lockdown lunacy EVEN though we know the lockdowns failed, vaccine failed

by Paul Alexander

You know the statement "the law is an a*s', well this is where it clearly is an a*s; imagine, we have the data today showing these men were right, the policy was wrong, yet they go to jail!


‘Covid-19 conspiracy theorist and failed political candidate Billy Te Kahika Jr has been sentenced to four months’ imprisonment for illegally organising and attending a protest in front of TVNZ on the first day of New Zealand’s nationwide Delta variant lockdown.

“He sought financial support for his actions and he was the one with the most to gain by way of publicity and notoriety for the breach,” Auckland District Court Judge Peter Winter said today as he sentenced Te Kahika, widely known as Billy TK, and co-defendant Vincent Eastwood.

Eastwood, who had a lesser role in organising the protest, was sentenced to three months’ imprisonment.

There were numerous outbursts in the courtroom as the men were led away to a holding cell.’

A senior police officer testified during the trial that Te Kahika called him on the first morning of the lockdown to let law enforcement know he was planning a protest of 200 to 300 people outside TVNZ headquarters in central Auckland that day.

“He was advised it was against the health order and he was liable to be arrested,” the officer testified. “He told me it was his right to protest.”

Te Kahika then posted a series of live videos on Facebook in which he encouraged people to show up to the protest. In one social media post, the judge noted, Te Kahika “advanced various theories now commonly accepted to be conspiracy theories as his reason for being present in contravention of the level 4 lockdown regulations”.’