New Zealand's Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern (I say deranged) who suffered and punished her people across COVID with her lockdown lunacy, now partners with drop out Bill Gates to Rollout Digital ID’s

by Paul Alexander

So you understand the challenges ahead of us? These beelzebubs, these untermensche, these rabid dogs will not stop until we stop them at the polls and in the courts & jail many of them

We investigate them, especially this nutball Ardern, for what she did to New Zealand. We jail them too. They will be shown wrong with proper inquiries. We need to tell this dimwit to take the digital ID and shove it. I WILL STOP THERE. Why? What I am thinking I cannot write. Point is this psycho PM will move to shut your life down with these passports, it will be the end of your liberties. Game over! This was the aim from day one and they used this fraud COVID pandemic, all of it, and the fraud vaccine to get here. And so you New Zealanders, time to stop practicing your HAKA and do something. No more faces, put it into action. Action. Head to the courts. Use them.

Note, I never understood how a drop out like Gates, with no training, nothing, can be a spokesperson in public health globally and medicine. This is what his money does, it buys relevance and access and people go listen to this freak as if he is sage. When if you listen you realize this guy is so full of xxxxx.