NFL Buffalo Bill Damar Hamlin's interview with Strahan is shocking as to what's not said; his silence is heavy! If this is COVID mRNA vaccine-induced myocarditis & cardiac arrest, tell us! Kim Pegula?

by Paul Alexander

My friend was clear: 'If there is more to the story, and Hamlin for whatever reason is covering it up, you go from being a hero to an anti-hero very quickly.' His answers & body language speaks loudly

He is covering up, IMO. There is something here he will not tell us. If vaccine or myocarditis is not ruled out, then it has to be on the table. I believe it is.

If this was due to the vaccine, then the NFL, all involved, his doctors, himself, are derelict and reckless to the other players who took the shot and boosters. If this was ‘silent’ myocarditis aggravated by catecholamine surging on the field (adrenaline) that caused the cardiac arrest, we must be informed as a public health matter and imperative. He could literally save lives during the off-season.

His interview IMO shows he is covering up. IMO, there is something we cannot know. Even if this is a game, it should not be. If people are playing with us. People just want to know the truth if it can save lives, that’s all. Uninformed players may work out on off-season and be aggressive with silent myocarditis and die. I guess it is up to us to track deaths of these players in the off-season.

Listen to this brief portion of the interview:

See my substack on Kim Pegula, wishing her speedy recovery:

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Kim Pegula, co-owner of Buffalo Bills NFL team (& Sabres) & player Damar Hamlin who suffered a cardiac arrest on the field (that could be due to COVID gene injection vaccine) suffers cardiac arrest
Ms. Kim Pegula is in our prayers and we wish er full speedy complete recovery. We await information on the cause. Can we ask? Should we in this era? Is this ‘too private’? Is this COVID mRNA gene injection linked? We do not need to know nor want people’s private information and it is illegal to give it or share or touch someone’s private health details…
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