NFL lineman suggests COVID ‘vaccines’ to blame after college basketball player collapses; NFL player DeMarcus Walker tweeted, ‘It gotta be these vaccines.’ BINGO, DeMarcus, you get the prize! LifeSite

by Paul Alexander

Not the money specifically. All doctors getting patients funded by medicare and medicaid are demanded to push clot shots and to never tell the truth or they WILL, not may, lose their medical license



Sophomore guard Imo Essien was playing defense when he fell to the ground and suffered what appeared to be some sort of chest-related incident. He was tended to immediately by trainers and did not lose consciousness. Local media is reporting that Essien was scheduled to see a cardiologist on Monday, January 9.

Medical professionals from both Old Dominion and its opponent, Georgia Southern, evaluated Essien, who hails from Wylie, Texas. He walked off the court after being on the ground for several minutes. He spent the remainder of the night on the bench for the Monarchs, who are 10-6 this year.’