NFL? What is happening in pre-season? Are NFL players now more vulnerable? Why? NFL preseason Dolphins rookie Daewood Davis exits in stretcher, game vs. Jaguars suspended; did the mRNA technology gene

by Paul Alexander

based COVID Pfizer and Moderna vaccine leave NFL players susceptible to more injuring when hit? Are these players weaker, cardiac system unable to sustain any crisis to hit? I am no expert!

‘For the second time in seven days, an NFL preseason game was suspended due to a player injury.

On Saturday, it was a game between the Miami Dolphins and Jacksonville Jaguars that got called in the fourth quarter. Dolphins rookie wide receiver Daewood Davis sustained the injury on a catch attempt with 8:32 remaining in the fourth quarters. You can see the play here.

Davis was removed from the game on a stretcher, with members of both teams surrounding him while trainers attended to him.’