Nicki Minaj: Was Nicki Minaj always correct? Did media & quack medical doctors & scientists knowingly smear her on fertility, sperm, testicles yet she was actually 100%? Brevin's EXPLODING balls nuts!

by Paul Alexander

Big props to Nicki for IMO, she was correct then & remains correct today. Medical community & media should be ashamed for attacking her. She is way smarter than they; Brevin's nut sack explodes!

I wrote a sub-stack on this Gat (Israeli) study prior (below) but I am focusing first on giving my Trini sister Nicki big props and a hug. They tried to destroy Nicki on the testicles issue yet she was always right and I wrote about this prior in substack.

Is the seeming Orchitis Nicki referred to (testicular inflammation) due to some form of COVID vaccine injury?

My brothers out there, my brothers, my homies, go back and pay attention to Nicki and your sperm (and your balls) when it comes to these fraud COVID gene injections (especially Pfizer and Moderna). The COVID vaccine is doing something to the sperm and your balls.

Look at Brevin’s situation now? Was Nicki correct? Her cousin and his balls predicted the explosion of Brevin’s balls, it seems. Near accurately.


They tried to make her out to be a lunatic, but my sister was on to something and was more prescient than the lunatic medical doctors around us, the sell-out money-hungry whore doctors around us, the ones who protected their salaries and jobs while not giving you your exempt letter etc. so you lost yours; the doctors around us had no issue risking your life pushing the fraud gene injection mandate on you so that they can keep their money incentives and jobs:

Now to Gat et al.:

Question, are you seeing recovery in terms of the author’s interpretation? The conclusions now written in these medical studies never match the raw data you see. This study shows serious problems with sperm linked to the COVID vaccine.