NIH & MADMEN scientists supporting planned MONKEYPOX research in Bethesda Maryland swapping genes between 2 strains of monkeypox to make it more deadly; WHY? Thomas Inglesby of Johns Hopkins worried!

by Paul Alexander

IMO is is very possible that this experiment could start a disastrous pandemic and must undergo a specialized PPP review reserved for potential pandemic pathogen;

If Dr. Thomas Inglesby is worried, you damn well be sure to be worried. He is a hawk traditionally on such research, aggressive on bioterrorism research. I schooled under him in a program at JHs and a very smart guy. I do not agree with some of his views yet he is correct here to be worried. Big props for he has gone against the establishment here.

In this ongoing pandemic climate? Of all the times they wish to do this madness, it is now, when we still cannot tamp down the COVID pandemic and are making it worse and causing expansion with vaccine induced non-neutralizing antibodies that still bind to the spike antigen yet does not eliminate the virus (sterilize it) so does not stop infection, replication, or transmission? Now? When there is ongoing viral immune escape and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (and now disease) as the vaccinal antibodies enhance infection of the vaccinated? With sub-optimal population immune pressure on the spike antigen (on the infectiousness of the virus and ongoing on viral virulence) that is driving infectious clade (variant) after infectious clade? Is this what we want here with monkeypox? It is the same Fauci and Francis Collins and these insane crazy people involved! Who is approving this madness?


Fact: In a U.S. government lab in Bethesda, Maryland, virologists plan to equip the strain of the monkeypox virus that spread globally this year, causing mostly rash and flulike symptoms, with genes from a second monkeypox strain that causes more serious illness. Then they’ll see whether any of the changes make the virus more lethal to mice. The researchers hope that unraveling how specific genes make monkeypox more deadly will lead to better drugs and vaccines.’

Right there is gain-of-function. Right there that is ‘ILLEGAL’.

The reality is that if a more potent and virulent lethal version of the current monkeypox outbreak strain accidentally escapes the high-containment, high-security lab at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), it could spark an epidemic with significantly elevated lethality.

The MADMEN scientists at NIH and all involved at the research facility in Bethesda said this (the following) to alleviate our fears and you know how much they can do that given how WELL they handled the COVID pandemic and their direct roles in CAUSING it in the first place (yes, I know, we are to find out if a deliberate leak or accidental one):

“the study will swap natural mutations, not create new ones, so it is not expected to create a monkeypox strain more virulent than the two already known”.

Oh, I get it. As long as it already exists, and you are just adding them together, then that is not ‘gain-of-function’. I get it now.

Are these people that stupid to think we are as stupid as they?

OK, well, that settles it, we should not worry. My response: What the idiots just stated is a form of Gain-of-function and the new version is ‘gaining a function’ it prior did not have, this being ‘lethality’. So, IMO, when chickens grow teeth or I grow a third male breast, I will not worry when NIH, CDC, FDA, or NIAID people are involved. Until then, we worry. This my friends can be devastating and these people have already shown they have no clue what they are doing and have no clue how to handle high level dangerous pathogen in secure facilities. Their explanation alone shows me how idiotic they are.