Nitric Oxide Nasal Spray (NONS) lowers Covid viral load by 94 per cent in 24 hours: Lancet study; Nitric Oxide blocks entry into nasal passage, kills the virus and stops its replication

by Paul Alexander

Indian study: Viral load was reduced by 93.7 per cent within 24 hours & by 99 per cent within 48 hours of treatment with NONS. Similar results were observed in vaccinated and unvaccinated populations


Between this nitric oxide nasal spray and the near 100% reduced infection etc. from povidone-iodine (10% solution, 3 tablespoons in 500 ml sterile water or boiled water etc. or hydrogen peroxide or sodium hypochlorite, diluted, no swallow, swish and spit, Q tip for nasal clean out), then we have measures to eliminate infection in the nasal and oral cavities before progression to more serious sequelae.

In fact, these and especially povidone, had we known earlier, we would not be relying as much on early or preventive drug treatment.

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COVID early treatment protocol as well as prevention protocol, and nasal-oral wash povidone iodine is added now; we are ensuring that this nasal-oral wash is part of early treatment as it is near 100%
In other words, if the only thing you did was the nasal-oral wash a few times a day, at this time as we address BA.5 sub-variant, you will cut the risk of infection etc. by near 100%. SOURCESubstack Alexander COVID News evidence-based medicine is a reader-supported publication. To receive new posts and support my work, consider becoming a free or paid …
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