No charges for Alec Baldwin in set shooting! who for one moment doubted this would happen? it's not just Ted etc. & those elities who manouver questionable issues, NO, its all those like Alec

by Paul Alexander

the system has different rules and it is not actual payoffs now, its what to come, its the 'promise' etc. corruption runs too deep & you know, I don't know what to believe anymore

At the end of the day, if it was an accident or not deliberate etc. then that is the situation. His politics etc. is deranged and he is too by his hatred of people not of his politics and thinking. His record is clear but not because I do not approve of your behavior or manner or views does not mean I wish you to hurt etc. That said, the justice system is US is now broken. Madame Justice has removed her blindfold and is taking money now and prefers those with connections etc.