NO-GO ZONES right here in the UNITED STATES: did you now call it 'AmericaSTAN'? Say it ain't so, please, say it ain't so; but I predict, if we do not stop the flood of illegals from Southern border

by Paul Alexander

& remove them and all the jihadists Obama & Biden took in under Obama regime, then we WILL, not 'if', but will see NO-Go zones in the US with radical islamists riots and Sharia courts; see Sweden & UK

Hundreds of thousands of military aged males invading our nations?

No sane nation opens their borders to hundreds of thousands if not millions of military aged males UNVETTED! Listing them as 13 years old when they are 28 and having them sitting next to your precious daughter in primary and secondary school, beard shaven. No sane nation does that!

You got to understand what is really at stake in these elections, repeatedly. Your nation. One’s history, culture, language. The battle must always be trying to leave a place, when you pass on, where your daughters and grand daughters (and son) will not need to bow down to no one, and kneel. Where your daughters will not be at risk of rape. The battle always is about that, you just did not understand, who really is behind this…

America is INVADING itself, lead by our own government. Biden and his radical crew and some repubs, RINOs, you know them, are invading America. We are being invaded by our own government.

What do you think is coming in from the Southern border? Hard working people ONLY? No, the vast majority will hollow out America IN TIME.

Do not think ‘NO-GO zones (where not even police will go) will not emerge in the US, you would be misguided to think so for in all these illegals and migrants, there are devastating brutal criminal people, rapists, murderers, rapists, sick bad people. Should never be allowed in. And you then prioritize the illegals over local people? Are you insane?


I am talking about the illegals, the refugees, the migrants, those who broke law, the bad among them. Of course there are good hard working immigrants. Who seek a better life and to give back. We help them…I mean the animals who come to steal, rape, murder, pilfer.

When Merkel called the millions to come, she built funeral pyres for Europe. IMO, Europe is finished. Historically, this has never happened, no nations have even invaded it self this way. Did you know Sweden became the rape capital of the world?

For example, in Sweden—the rape capital of Europe—studies continue to reveal that migrants, mostly from North Africa, the Middle East, and Muslim sub-Sahara, account for the overwhelming majority of rapes, as captured by the following headline: “Report: 9 in 10 Gang Rapists In Sweden Have Foreign Origins.” Writes Raymond Ibrahim