No, I don't support the US's stance on Russia-Ukraine, I don't support any tax money to the pump wearer cross-dresser Ukraine leader crook, don't want US to be involved in this, no US blood to be shed

by Paul Alexander

I know I am little in this and who cares what I think; well, I can guarantee most of the world does not stand with US or Brandon on this march to WW III; I praise Putin for his patience thus far

Putin has been patient. India nor China are in on this. Biden seems to be hypnotized on war and wanting it, pushing us to WWIII. He has found a way to take a career failing upwards and now taken us on the brink. These people in Washington are lunatics and taking us to WW III and we have to stop them; I think this has more to do with what the west, US has done to take it this far. The west has caused this. IMO. This would have never happened under Trump.

This was never our business and I think what we should be focused on is which congresspeople and senators have made big money over the years with bogus Ukraine slush fund kickback tax payer money, whose congresspersons children and families and friends surnames are on those contracts, what is Hunter Biden’s link to Ukraine, the treason one himself Alexander Vindman too, and the biological labs in Ukraine and did they have anything to do with the COVID virus.

Focus there and give not one more penny to the cross-dresser.

Focus on Ohio, focus on our borders Brandon, stop the Fentanyl and the jihadist from pouring in, stop the rapist and murders among the good people, focus on our crime ridden streets, focus on inner city Buffalo where the democrats have ruled and it is like hell, where every single underwater failed city in US is run by democrats 50 years now, focus on that, focus on our cost of living, our gas price, our economy.

Seems to me here that the Russian people like Putin. I am no fan of no nation except US and Canada. Yet I can have my own opinion that what is done here is wrong by the west. Can Brandon get this reception from his people? No, but Trump can on a dime! Trump remains the most potent powerful ex-POTUS, he has a near 100 million standing army. The malfeasants know it.