No one is saying hug Putin and embrace, no, sleep with one eye open, yet I see in Putin more truth than our insane leftist psycho lying malfeasant legacy media in America; CNN, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, FOX...

by Paul Alexander

Putin is in a war defending his nation, maybe the leaders of America today could consider defending America, take its head out of Ukraine's ass for the stolen tax payer money & see about US first

America first, always! Our border, or language, our flag, our military, our police, our laws, our peoples, our anthem etc. US first! End this progressive bullshit, these saboteurs, these war mongers, these neocons criminals, these RINOs, America hating freaks.

Do not trust Russia, certainly not CCP China, but understand, in a clear way, Putin is more of a leader of his nation than we have of ours. Russia has people leading it who loves Russia. We do not.