No reparations? What? California says NO to Reparations & now there is Backlash against Newsom: California Voters Oppose "Unfair" Cash Payments For Slavery According To Berkeley Poll; who knew?

by Paul Alexander

sprawling social experiment known as California faces an uphill battle on reparations; voters overwhelmingly oppose the idea of cash payments; The majority simply says it's unfair to today's taxpayers

‘The poll found that 59% of voters oppose cash payments vs. 28% who support the idea. Four out of 10 voters "strongly" opposed the idea.’

Interestingly, just 19% of those opposed cited cost as an issue. The majority simply says it's unfair to today's taxpayers and wrong to single out one group for reparations.

In the Berkeley poll, when voters who oppose reparations were asked why, the two main reasons cited most often were that “it’s unfair to ask today’s taxpayers to pay for wrongs committed in the past,” picked by 60% of voters, and “it’s not fair to single out one group for reparations when other racial and religious groups have been wronged in the past,” chosen by 53%.

Only 19% said their reason was that the proposal would cost the state too much, suggesting that money alone is not the main objection.

Among Democrats, 43% favored and 41% opposed cash reparations. Republicans were strongly against the proposal at 90% with only 5% in favor. Independents were 65% opposed and 22% in favor.

Black California voters were more likely to support cash payments than any other demographic, with 76% in favor and 16% opposed, the survey found. Almost two-thirds of white voters were opposed as were 6 in 10 Latino and Asian voters. -LA Times

"It has a steep uphill climb, at least from the public’s point of view," said poll director Mark DiCamillo, who was obviously disappointed at the results. "The idea of cash reparations is really what’s being strongly opposed," he continued, adding "There could be other solutions that could be much more warmly received."'