No way! No, can't be true that there was not one (ZERO) death in Scotland during COVID for all 3 years among doctors, nurses, shop workers, police & all school teachers; was this was a fraud pandemic?

by Paul Alexander

in all of these employment sectors that were in touch with people, not one death? Not one! So much for a pandemic-level event! We were lied to people, in US, Canada etc. & truth is coming!

Dovetails fully with what I and some have been saying all along. The deaths were from how we treated people in the medical establishment, vulnerable people, how we killed our elderly (with sedation, isolation, dehydration, malnourishment, intubation and ventilation, and Remdesivir etc.), and the vaccine, as well as people who were denied care due to beds being made only available for COVID for near 2 years in hospitals. This was a complete hoax. Trump was right!

This was a lie to damage a sitting President for he was on pace to be re-elected handsomely. He did good, real good and in February 2020, you wanted him re-elected. But these were malfeasants concocting a devastating take down of the US economy. To topple a sitting POTUS and his fault was he trusted them and I think he figured it out fast what was happening, but it was too late. They had already inflicted mortal wounds to America and to Trump. Could he have come out on stage and then say, ‘ok, I gave them 2 weeks and some more, to bend the curve, now it’s time to end this and move on’? No, the media and the Task Force Fauci and Birx and never Trumpers would have destroyed him. He was caught, he trusted their counsel and they destroyed him. He must get back there to investigate and punish them all for the harms they did to America and ensure never again. Even in places like Florida, the government under Governor DeSantis fell for it initially. Thank God many turned around. What these malfeasants did was monstrous.

This Scottish situation tells us the extent of the hoax. They stole near 3 years of your life. Your liberty and freedom for a lie! And in doing so, killed thousands needlessly with their power-drunk behavior, their greed, their malfeasance. Their lockdown lunacy. This is why we investigate them all, and if shown to be wrong after legal trials and judges, if proper inquiries show you costed lives and killed people by your policies, then we take all their money, imprison many, and if judges call for the death penalty, then I say hang them high! Only if a judge rules for death penalty.

This was never ever a pandemic, this emergency could have been dealt with via a focused protection of the vulnerable, with isolation ONLY of the sick and unwell, testing only of the sick and unwell symptomatic persons, and with strong protections of the vulnerable persons, reasonably, and allowing the vast rest of society to live normal lives, taking reasonable precautions. Not one lockdown or school closure was ever needed. Not one! We knew COVID was amenable to risk stratification very early on, a few weeks out and that baseline risk was prognostic on severity of outcome. We knew, they knew! They knew the curves and graphs they showed to Trump were false, fake, fraudulent as based on flawed math models. They knew the PCR test was being over-cycled by them deliberately to denote every test as positive when they knew anything over 24 cycles was detecting viral dust, fragments, old coronavirus you recovered already from, other virus. They knew it was not real time, culturable, infectious, lethal virus. They knew full well for it was them, Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins who were doing this, yet they continued to lock society down and closed schools on a pure lie and hoax on Trump! Scott Atlas was always right.

A key aspect is that this gene injection platform should have never ever been called a vaccine. It never was a vaccine.

We had vitamin D, we had effective safe early anti-viral treatment. Instead we suffered our loved ones, our parents, our grand-parents and allowed medical doctors, hospital CEOs, bureaucrats and technocrats who were inept, incompetent, illogical, non-sensical, intellectually lazy, academically sloppy, and cognitively dissonanced, to make life altering decisions that costed lives. These hospitals, their doctors, in lockstep with lockdown and vaccine lunacy, mistreated our vulnerable elderly and many died, from terrible medical mismanagement, abusive treatment, and ventilation and Remdesivir. It did not need to happen. We must get accountability.

See this short video of our parent with ankle monitor locked in, only dependent on zoom, as she began to die: