No, we want FBI raids on Biden, bring them all out in their drawers & bright lights, no bullsh*t puff 'search', we want a RAID, full 30 FBI agent RAID! "The Justice Department on Friday completed an

by Paul Alexander

extensive search of President Biden’s home in Wilmington and turned up additional classified documents, some of which date to his time in the US Senate and others from his 8 years as Vice POTUS"

This is getting terrible for Biden et al.

Now why would he have these documents? For in the senate or as VPOTUS, he was not entitled to hold any of these classified documents nor keep them with him.

Was he selling access? Was someone selling access? Did Hunter arrange for them to be placed there and he sold access? He let people from other nations ‘Fang Fang’ **cough cough** come read them? Who was selling secrets? Did Biden know and hence wanted in on the dibs so was charging big money, some say $50,000 per month for his son to rent the place??? I mean this all sounds so insane on first blush and I caution, we do not know lots. So let us stand back. But this is getting troubling. Were people allowed in those places to view the classified information? Did Biden and his crack whore son charge money to the parties who were actual subjects in that material?

But we want full raids with FBI and bright lights for now we are clearly seeing there is a Justice Department for Trump and a Justice Department for the leftists and RINOs and deepstate and connected DC people. Why? How? America now is a kangaroo nation.

‘The Justice Department on Friday completed an extensive search of President Biden’s home in Wilmington and turned up additional classified documents, some of which date to his time in the United States Senate and others from his eight-year tenure as vice president, the president’s personal attorney announced Saturday night.

After being given full access to Biden’s home — including personally handwritten notes, files, papers, and binders that covered decades of his work — the Justice Department took possession of six items. Those items, according to the president’s personal attorney Bob Bauer, consisted of “documents with classification markings and surrounding materials.”

The Justice Department also took some of Biden’s handwritten notes from his vice-presidential years to further review them.

It is the latest striking development in a fast-moving investigation, with the personal residence of a sitting president now having been subject to a 13-hour search by federal agents. Biden aides said the wide-ranging search and the fact that it was conducted with the president’s permission were indications of how eager they are to resolve the matter.

“In the interest of moving the process forward as expeditiously as possible, we offered to provide prompt access to his home,” Bauer said.

Both the current and the most recent former president have had federal agents extensively search their properties as special counsels investigate the handling of classified information. In Biden’s case, his lawyers voluntarily opened the home so agents could inspect it. With Donald Trump, by contrast, the FBI conducted a court-approved search of Mar-a-Lago after he and his aides had not fully complied with a federal subpoena to hand over documents.’