'Normalized transgender'? How did greatest nation on earth, the USA, end up with Levin as Health Secretary? I mean, decisions should make sense, this makes none! World laughs at US when Levin talks

by Paul Alexander

for the US especially on issues like transgender psychopathy; it is IMO a mental illness, what they are doing to our children is horrendous and IMO criminal & kids now are suicidal wanting to go back

When will this madness end? Who is brave enough to stand up and say ‘stop the insanity’? Which republican or democrat? Should our children then have destroyed lives due to the derangement of people steep in this transgender crap? You can talk about how much you like it or have it in the media, IMO there is a serious need for mental help. They are crying out for it. Give it to them! Someone get these transgender people some help please! And get them off the camera. They are damaging our kids.