'North Korea may be preparing for nuclear test soon – report ‘Shortcut’ tunnel at Punggye-ri nuclear testing centre could see it operational within a month, sources tell South Korean news agency'

by Paul Alexander

ROCKET man is acting up again...why? hhmm State depart folk need to burrow some nuts from Pelosi who has, she will not let mandate/emergency come to vote; and US Truckers who told Fauci et el. to FO

North Korea

US People’s Convoy truckers are showing real gonads…difficult what they are doing among the spineless public health people, scientists, doctors etc. you know the ones, the bought out ones who sold the population away for a failed vaccine that they knew was unsafe and ineffective..., as media blacks out the convoy and Ukraine-Russia story has sucked all the air out of the defeat the mandates convoy story and coverage and the media knelt down and said thank God for Vlad and his brutality…helps them cover up the failed COVID and deaths caused by Fauci et al’s lockdown polices and Pfizer’s Bourla catastrophic vaccine…its cover up time and the media is all too happy to oblige.


the truth is never far behind…hold on, its coming.