Not so fast, Berenson, you are misguided that people should NOT be concerned with Boston lab's chimeric SARS-CoV-2 virus; he said 'stop' for he read the paper & can school us; IMO, he is uninformed

by Paul Alexander

On this, Berenson is very wrong as he has been on early outpatient treatment and long-COVID & a range of issues; I hope he reads this, I am told he looks forward to my substacks; thanks Alex!

Word to Berenson: not so fast. Humility my man, humility.

Berenson has ‘imagined’ himself the COVID chimeric oracle, the sage one, his view supersedes all others, he appointed himself that an understanding, knowing what’s happening, only comes about when he opines on this, that since he said ‘stop’, do not pay the chimeric virus any minds, then that is it, then you pay the issue no mind. It is not important or dangerous. Because he, in his own mind, is the most intelligent and informed, and he said so, and he has now weighed in so we just go about our business and calm down. Because he said ‘I read the paper’ means now that he has read it, we should breathe a sigh of relief, and only until now, we sit back and accept only his interpretation. Until he read it, our views do and did not matter. No matter our expertise. He can now tell us the facts. But alike on several prior issues, I do not agree and he is wrong again.

Some say he is ‘controlled opposition’. I think that’s rubbish. I think he is in the fight and we can consider a solider. Yes, I do and welcome that. I do not agree with most of what he writes and some I do but the reality is it is often after we write it and already have spoken on the issue. And at times flat wrong. His ego is just too big for me, I confess. Yet we all make mistakes. No one is perfect and I myself make mistakes. I am imperfect and broken and fallen. I just wanted to be clear that I think he is not a bad boy, just very misguided on this topic and just did not unpack the issues fully. This chimeric issue is a clear example, and I think maybe he sees things as 2-D, flat. Many do. That too is not bad. Maybe he did not see the nuances and the sophistication and the finesse and edges for we look at ‘the larger implications’. But I welcome his advocacy and we take anyone who is in the fight. I welcome him with open arms. I remain still ticked off however over what he tried to do to Dr. Wolf ‘openly’, and it was horrible. I know many do too yet are more reserved than I. I confess, I am not reserved.


His words as to us getting wound up and hysterical over the mice dying:

“Stop. Just stop. I read the paper”…. Also, “What’s with the 80 percent mortality rate then? It’s in mice, people.” Then this “Yes, all the mice infected with the original Sars-Cov-2 died. Which is really bad. If you’re a mouse. I think we can agree that Sars-Cov-2 does not have a 100 percent mortality rate in humans.”

I guess Berenson did not get the memo that the government’s main regulator, the FDA, just approved a Pfizer bivalent booster based on 8 mice. A rodent study of 8 mice. They seem to pay mice in these studies serious mind. Moreover, humanized mice are used especially with regards to lung response in these respiratory type experiments for they give a decent approximation of the potential human response. No doubt, research beyond in silico (computer modelling or simulations) and in vitro (dish, test tube), and then in vivo but beyond the rodent to the primate model, is more optimal so as to extrapolate to humans. Yet we humanize these mice to get as close.

Well, by now you can guess that I am not a fan and again, truth be told, have always felt Berenson’s ego is crusty for me and gets him into trouble. At times even when I cannot understand what he is saying, I do not pretend to be very bright. As I prior stated, I am particularly keen on this response though given his efforts to smear my good friend Dr. Naomi Wolf and her extensive career. Did not go down well with many of us and I guess I could use the exact words he used on Dr. Wolf here but I will not be as grossly disrespectful as he was to Dr. Wolf openly (who has been in the trenches fighting to mitigate the COVID gene injection risks to women, the developing child, the pregnant woman). I will simply say, “Alex, step back, you are misguided and wrong on this, alike on early treatment and long-COVID. But that’s ok, please read my substack”.

The thing is that I was not going to even give his Boston lab chimeric views any credibility or further thought but when my friend Dr. Byram Bridle weighed in with his take on the manufactured chimera in the Boston lab, the giant that he is, the intellect, the real expert he is, as he is not a health reporter, I decided to reply and weigh in. He wrote authoritatively and declaratively, so I wanted to inform him as he informed us, that he is indeed authoratative, but in fact, authoratatively wrong on the issue.

So in response to Berenson basically saying that serious intellectuals and studied people who are virologists and immunologists etc. do not know what they are saying, and that he knows more and understands better, this is my recent substack (next) on the very dangerous Boston lab made ‘gain-of-function’ chimera virus that while in the rodent model, poses potentially grave risks to the human population, in Boston, across the US, and globally if released.

Also, read Bridle’s piece below. Top expert. Moreover, Berenson’s rush to write a fluff nonsense ‘uninformed’ piece did not even understand folk like me and Bridle write about minutia as well as we write at the 50,000 foot level all at once, for what we saw as a grave threat that he has no clue about, or it ‘missed’ him, is that the authors did a very dangerous thing by laying out a blue print for nefarious people to then create such a deadly pathogen. Moreover, they used a BSL level 3 lab to create a BSL level 4 dangerous ‘pandemic’ level pathogen. I guess Berenson did not understand the risk if handling a BSL-4 pathogen in a BSL-3 facility. You did not understand the level and angle we are coming at Alex. What were you thinking? What were you Berenson thinking publishing that piece as it makes no sense?

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This is Dr. Byram W. Bridle’s substack on the very dangerous SARS-CoV-2 chimeric virus made by 20 odd scientists in a Boston lab. Clearly, Bridle sees all the avenues where things can go disastrously wrong and have been done wrong with this and people like me are happy enough that we can be on the same page as this brilliant scientist, likely one of the most competent virologist, immunologists, vaccinologists globally. He is basically saying this is madness and must be stopped and the virus destroyed.

I agree 100%. Senator Rand Paul must investigate this immediately and shine a large spotlight on this and work to ban GoF research. Completely.

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