Not so fast Dr. Aseem Malhotra, not so fast; irrational? no! please consider these words "I am sorry for the role I played initially in pushing the lunacy & mRNA technology injections"; I applaud you,

by Paul Alexander

I admire that you have come, crossed over & welcome you, but you are being made a hero when you were part of the harms that accrued, so start by explaining how truckers knew more than you!

We were never irrational Dr. Malhotra!

Never! We were informed and critical thinkers.

It is like the ‘mass formation’ bull shit we were fed, like I was part of any mass formation. Or you. That’s bullshit being fed to us to get us to absolve the wrongdoers…“oh, they were ‘caught up’ too, those doctors, we should feel sorry for them… when they forced the shot on you, and they denied early treatment and helped force lockdowns and forced mandates, they were caught up in the mass formation….they were victims of the mass formation’. What a load of bullshit by the peddlers of that horseshit. Pure horseshit bullshit, to deceive and get us to stand down and misdirect us. Mass formation is utter crap. You made decisions because you were critical thinkers. You are in the situation because bad people did bad things to us and cut off any options. They shut our lives down and we had no way to turn. They did it with threat of law and taking away our incomes. What we were was ‘stunned’ that our leaders and health people could be so malfeasant.


The immune system of an unvaccinated American, Canadian, British, Australian person, of an American child unvaccinated, devoid of the spikeopathy, is the golden prize, it is priceless! If it can be bottled, it can be sold for billions $ for each person, or child. The unvaccinated immune system today is priceless and I have one of them! My family does, people I know who listened and thought critically. I fought against the pressure to conform and take a reckless dangerous move to harm myself. Many withstood the attacks, the smears, the scorn, the ridicule and slander by their own governments, just recall the invectives and malice heaped upon Canadians by their own Prime Minister for not take the shot. Many withstood the calls to remove them from ‘polite’ society, some even calling for the execution of unvaccinated people, even doctors called for this. People withstood this and many were fired and in response, killed themselves for could not make ends meet, could not put bread on the table, and could not hold on. So in this loss, there are many who stood against the lunacy and they have won! Like how Africa has won!

I will write about this once, for Dr. Malhotra is one of those doctors facing the battle and doing some lifting for this remains a battle, and he is now establishing himself as a worthy brother and soldier, a strong warrior on our side, the right correct ‘evidence-informed, trustworthy’ side, and I begin with deep praise and welcome but with this sugar, with this honey, with this love, there is lemon coming too.

What we were and are being subjected to is a bioweapon. No matter how you slice this. The mRNA technology COVID gene injection with the deadly mRNA technology, the deadly LNP etc. and resulting spike protein is catastrophic to the cardiovascular system (damaging mitochondrial function and vascular endothelium, glycocalyx, triggering a cytokine storm (inflammatory proteins)) and the entire body, systems wise. The resulting spike protein is manufactured by every cell in your body. 24/7, non-stop, causing massive ongoing inflammation and even auto-immune disease. That is what the mRNA technology has brought you. Wreaks massive trauma and death. It, the gene injection, must be withdrawn en toto. No question. Not for pregnant women, not for children, not for anyone. Not even elderly now. Not now, not ever. I have always said for no one, because this was never even a pandemic.

This was a manufactured fraud pandemic to hurt America and a sitting President. Among other malfeasant desires. No risk-benefit calculus supports this gene shot. Skews only towards harms, and between the NPIs lockdown lunacy initially, the denial of treatment when we closed hospitals to sick people with other chronic and infectious illnesses (beds were ‘only’ for COVID), the way we devastated our vulnerable elderly in hospitals with midazolam, diamorphine, Remdesivir, and ventilators, and the fraud deadly mRNA gene injection itself, we have killed millions…needlessly. Innocent people we killed by the collateral damage too, we shifted the morbidity and mortality burden from the richer laptop ‘zoom class’ of people to the poorer lower middle class people who could least afford to shield (often women, minority women, children, minority children), and those who did this, who policies caused the deaths, we just imprison and even hang those responsible. Following proper legal inquiry.

First, to Dr. Malhotra, I write humbly and with deep respect, for the loss of your father due to these shots must now drive you to ensure that every one last of the beasts involved in these injections, from mRNA to vaccine must be investigated for intent, roles, everything, fully, and sit in proper inquiries with proper judges, and proper process and if shown to have caused deaths, as it did to your father, then you clean them out financially, and you Dr. Malhotra, for your father, ensure these beasts are imprisoned, and if a judge says that the death penalty is on the table, then we impose it, yes we do, and take them to the gallows. No matter who it is. If a judge rules so, we hang them.

For your father. Your precious father. He trusted and so you ensure in his memory you get maximal punishment via legal settings. I stand by you Sir. If the court needs help and it said death penalty, I am sure there are many warriors who will stand by your side to get accountability and justice for your father. Never rest until this happens Sir. Thank you for standing up, your name is key now. I lost my father 3 months ago and there is not one minute that I do not grieve and it is crushing so I understand. No words Sir and I share in your grief and mourn with you Sir. We all do.

Now to the point at hand. Now the lemon, the lime, the bitter.

I believe that doctors who misguided their patients and all around them that the lockdowns were beneficial and would be effective, that natural immunity was inferior to vaccinal immunity, that there was no early treatment, and that the COVID mRNA technology gene injections were safe and effective and were with the governments in mandating it, should now admit in a humble way that they messed up big time and many were harmed by their actions. They must come with humility FIRST. Not good enough to talk now about the harms and that you now realize it is harmful, one must be brave and strong enough to admit the devastating mistake and that they will work the rest of their lives to regain the trust of their patients and to help all those harmed by the shots to be made ‘whole’ again. Shots that they encouraged.

But you don’t just come now saying that you people were wrong initially, but it turned out you were right and now that I have joined, it’s ok. Now we will recognize you ‘lay’ people for having made the right decision ‘all along’’.

Is this insane, or what?

Many have written me, overwhelmed my email inbox, called my cell and I do not know how they have my number, and begged me to respond to this tweet by Dr. Malhotra. So I am reaching out in the hopes it can be addressed by him.

I informed many that I know Dr. Malhotra and that he is a good human being. Great skilled doctor. That you (Dr. Malhotra) are now a solider and warrior in the fight and that I admired your now stance. Superb man. They even accused me of being a hypocrite and selling out by giving you a pass. I argued why is this my or folk like us, why do we have to be the ones addressing this point. One uttered the word ‘fake; and I lost some sleep over this and so decided I will respond. Point is I do not do that, I do not waffle or shift my line of integrity for anything, no amount of money even, for in the end, your morality, credibility, your moral compass, line of integrity, honor etc. is all that matters. It is all that you really have. It is what make you ‘you’. And it is my independence of thought that has gotten me praise, and also in trouble and ostracized me and got me disparaged often. Yet it is ‘me’ and what defines me and governs me and I will not change for no one. Moreover, the issue here is very very serious and so, I will stand up and even if I get attacked by my own colleagues, I will face that. I will chance that. I will lose that if I have to keep my integrity. This is my opinion.

I ask however that we do not fight over this, just that the message to doctors who we did trust and now do not, be that they realize that they must have contrition, ask forgiveness, say sorry for their past lockdown lunatic actions costed lives even, and work to help fix the damage. Find the right words. Do not assume now you can just ‘arrive’ and people will just say ‘ok’. There are things that must be said for healing to begin and for healing to be completed.

I am really ruffled and agitated and dismayed and in some sense infuriated and angered by these doctors now who have come of age (newly found awareness), and are now ‘aware’ and now these same doctors who sold us out initially, want to use that superiority they ONCE had in society (it is now gone) to tell us that ‘well, we now realize the truth so we have arrived so go away now, ok, we get it, you were right but don’t ask us anything, leave us ‘smart’ doctors alone, just be thankful we are now on your side. Do not ask us to explain anything just be happy we are now singing the same song as you. You were uninformed yet somehow made the right decision and landed on the right side and we now agree because we now believe that there is a problem’.

Huh? Are these doctors insane?

First, huge respect Sir, to you Dr. Malhotra. For taking a stand now. I mean that with all my being. Anyone who joins the fight I have deep respect for. Early or late. I have also read of your work and you are a very bright smart doctor, specialist.

Yet forgive me for being blunt. I also must correct you Sir for this Tweet by you below for it is off based and misguided when you said people took the shot for being irrational.

This was not being irrational. This was well thought out. People also trusted their gut feeling knowing something was very wrong.

This was really medical doctors, scientists, and technocrats being grossly intellectually lazy, academically sloppy, illogical, absurd, uninformed, refusing to do the work, refusing to read the scientific papers, irrational, lack any intellectual curiosity, specious, non-sensical, grossly cognitively dissonanced to any narrative that was averse to their own misinformed ones, handed down ex cathedra from on high, hysterical at times, and showed that they as doctors and academic scientists, either could not ‘read’ the science, or could not ‘understand’ the science, or did not ‘get’ the science. They just still today cannot read basic graphs and charts and statistics and for one thing COVID has revealed the underbelly of how poorly prepared our doctors are for reading science and epidemiology. Hell, they even show that they do not even understand basic virology, immunology, or vaccinology. The public is more expert now than they are in immunology. The public is heavily worked in COVID for 3 years now and have shown themselves to be critical thinkers. A hat-tip to the public here.

How could you say we did not take it because we were irrational? We were not! Please reverse that tweet! I welcome you as my brother with open arms and wanted to speak with you over this but there is a lot of anger over that tweet by you and still ongoing and so I decided to put my views on paper. I do admire you work as a cardiologist etc. I am impressed by what you are saying ‘now’. But your decisions prior on COVID were wrong and also on the gene injection.

We were not ‘irrational’ and we were simply following the science and understood that the science, the medical, clinical, scientific basis was just not there and from day one! There was no safety data to support the shot to begin with. We knew that there was a strong age-risk stratified curve day 1 and that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and that baseline risk was prognostic on severity of outcome and one’s mortality. We knew that there was a 1000-fold difference in risk of death between 85 year old granny with medical conditions and 10 year old healthy Suzie. We knew that a focused protection approach was all that was needed, not the lockdown lunacy that many of the medical doctors ascribed to and supported.

It was never irrationality, we simply did not want it and that was as simple as that, and our choice.

We knew about early treatment, we were seeing that the mortality was very very low and that there were immediate problems with the data Pfizer and Moderna submitted to the FDA for EUA. The data was fraudulent. We knew the vaccine was not tested for safety and you could not take 15 years and boil it down to a few months, corners had to be cut. We were very concerned about safety to the pregnant women and the unborn child in utero and as such, were never ‘irrational’.

We knew POTUS Trump was snowed by his Task Force on OWS, by Azar, by Fauci, Francis Collins, by Bourla, Bancel, by all involved. He was no scientist or doctor and trusted their counsel and he believed them when they said it was safe and effective, not knowing they were subverting him and lying to him. It was never shown to be safe and effective. The 95% Relative risk reduction was 0.7% absolute risk reduction for Pfzier and 1.1% for Moderna.

As another example, Pfizer just omitted over 3,000 subjects from the legacy trial and with no proper accounting. These were people who had some level of vaccination and for all we know, most of them could have gotten harmed by the injection and even died. But there is no accounting by Pfizer. We see severe baseline imbalance between the vaccine and the placebo arm in terms of data loss (attrition) and with no accounting. This baseline imbalance distorts the study findings and is a red flag for high risk of biased estimates of effect.

We were not irrational. No. We were sane, logical, well thought out, calm, resolute. The lay public were intense critical thinkers. The lay public without the degrees of the big time doctors, made far better informed decisions. For example they asked themselves, ‘if the spike protein on the virus is reportedly the toxic portion and was already causing known serious cardiovascular damage, then why would the same spike my cells were expressing NOT going to cause cardiovascular damage’? This was not being irrational.

People were very rational and also wanted to exercise their own natural immunity. They wanted to maintain their own bodily integrity. They wanted to make decisions and they wanted their Charter of Rights and Freedoms and Constitutional Rights respected by their governments. They were concerned about the stories they were hearing of harms and deaths and wanted to chose. They felt they were making an informed choice even thought the benefits and harms were never explained to them. They did not trust what the doctors or governments or technocrats or health officials were telling them for good reason for today, they, the public, were right.

So this tweet and similar, is where we strongly are at cross roads and this is where you have to step back, you must say sorry (please read my full stack here) and you must explain what you meant in this first line for you have angered a whole lot of people (just see

I have to say again, my deep admiration again for your work Dr. Malhotra, your expertise. I think you have risked lots standing up and putting it out there and must be praised.

But we were never ever irrational.

Your calmness and professionalism. Much respect. I do like what you say today. Yet there has been too many harms and deaths from the gene injection vaccine to just simply forget. More has to be said and done by you, by anyone in your position who advocated for these gene injection vaccines all along when people like us knew it was deadly and causing deaths. It is very troubling that you as a trained scientist and clinician did not know this from the start. How did lay persons know this? Truckers? Did they understand the science and data better than doctors and it is clear you are very smart. What then clouded the understanding by doctors of the very large body of evidence on the failure of lockdowns and the vaccine? That was abundantly clear and accumulated and accumulating.

So read Sage’s newsletter at this point Sir:

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Recognition should not go to any doctor or scientist now, or anyone, for now coming around. No, it should go to the lay population, mom and pop, blue collar, lunch pail workers, truckers, plant workers, saw mill workers, that type, fly over country, those who have been in the fight 3 years now. Those who risked it all. Many have benefitted on the upside and now benefitting on the downside and we have labelled people who do this ‘Johnny come lately’.

I/we welcome you Dr. Malhotra, to the COVID fight, fighting against the lockdown lunacy that has killed so many and the fraud mRNA technology gene injections. I/we want you with us in the fight and it is you who joined the right side now, not us joining you (which is important), it is you joining the raw citizenry who got it right while you got it wrong day one and thank you now for waking up.

But IMO, I look at things dispassionately, and it should not be that you get the fame and stage while nurses risked their lives and jobs, and died after being laid off and could not pay their bills, some killed themselves, that you should get the stage when people listened to you and many died, it’s a fact. We lost many children who committed suicide due to the closures. You are someone I admire greatly for your skills and humanity and decency, I listen to you, yet you came late, but yet you came, so I thank you. You did good here. I am deeply appreciative.

Yet it should be just that alone. Come join the pack now and help fight. That you came and not to celebrate you or give you fame for you are benefitting when there was so much harms. I say this out of deep respect for you and your family. But it is a fact.

Too many have benefitted just the way you are and taking lots of donor money and stage fame etc. from the public who have been devastated and seek answers and I guess believe in heroes. But please do not advantage them as many have done. I ask of you. Others have been in the fight day one and made much greater sacrifices than you.

People died and now you and others come to this side and we say COME. Indeed COME. For sure, COME. But I say please explain how could a lay person who remained unvaccinated know more than you for 2 years? How? To not ask you what happened demands we do same of Fauci and all others and you see we cannot do that. We want accountability and so I ask you to explain yourself. You were for these shots and so I want to know how come? Why did you not read the science?

How could truckers argue against the vaccine mandates, yet you were not even converted then? How come? What did you need to learn above all you already knew. Did the virology and immunology and vaccinology at medical school not provide you the background to know this was DOA day one? How could lay people figure it out then?


I operate down the line of integrity and right and wrong. ONLY. You are standing now on stage with people I stand on stage with. Does not mean you are off limits to me or anyone seeking to ask you serious questions. If so, then this becomes an issue of flip flopping due to convenience, people flipping and flopping as per what is convenient and upside or downside. Where it gets them most reward. I would rather step away from this movement. I want justice and you have come forward to fight and thank you. But you were on the wrong side for a long time. Let us do the right thing properly.

You Sir have some questions to answer. I will interview you any day and time if you allow me to.

I must say here I respect your work and service as a medical doctor. I am dismayed by medicine overall and have called for many doctors to be fired for what they did denying early treatment, questioning natural immunity, helping with enforcing the lockdown lunacy, and pushing the fraud gene shots on unsuspecting people.

You have not said what needed to be said and it is time. I am seeing the many who question you in the IT world (as above) and they call you out and in a large sense, they are right for you have not said the right words. So please step back and utter the right words first para “I am sorry for what I did and will work the rest of my life to help people, people hurt by actions I went along with and may have caused harms, and will help ensure they are made ‘whole’.” Start there fine Sir.

I do not think the attacks on you are all fair and some are vicious etc. and I do not stand for that. I will defend you. Fully! But you have to do some things too. The people love you and want you with them but they were very very hurt and want the right things to be said.

You were very late to the table and now with the stage you have, please be open, transparent, explicit, honest. The public needs to see pure honesty now. No games. No word salads. I am not a fan of people late to the issue then having a dominant voice. I am not a fan of people who capitalize on the upside and wish to do same on the downside.

Many killed themselves because high level people, doctors, who were trusted, said and did certain things. Now you are saying opposite. I accept that we learn near daily (as I do) but you must say “I am sorry for what I did and being misguided for as long as I was”. Your actions carried much weight as much as it does now. I hope you understand what I am trying to say. Shrouded in my respect for you.

People were devastated by doctors. Terribly so. I am so happy you now stand with us calling for the cessation of the fraud COVID gene injection. You are late with that. How come? What were we seeing now in the evidence and science that you did not see all along? What science were you looking at to have you on the side of the shots back then, when we, 2 years now said they were failed and deadly?

I really applaud you but can a doctor who joined the fight late be regarded the same as McCullough and Risch and Oskoui and Littell and Amerling and Gessling and Ladapo and Vliet and Breggin etc. All of them. And Hodkinson etc. And Wolf and even Berenson. Who stood up day one. Is it really important? Maybe not. Maybe all that matters is that you joined. I am deeply grateful for that.

Yet even late we want you with us but the public looks on at this as if we have no integrity or no line of reason. You cannot just waltz into the movement we set up and have been fighting to fix the COVID lunacy and stop the vaccine as if you were there all along and not say the right words to begin. Your words cannot mean the same or more when compared to the words of an unvaccinated lay person fighting this day one who lost everything, some even hung themselves, killed themselves, harmed themselves, children too, yet your words are given that ‘loftiness’ and it is very very wrong. IMO. It should not. Not because it has ‘Dr’ behind it for it is the ‘Dr’ behind it that has us where we are. Doctors failed us. Caused deaths. You are arguing against a vaccine now that you advocated for prior. You need to explain that. Explain how come you were so fooled by the science. I myself wish to hear.

You are already in our house. I/we stand with open arms Sir and welcome you to the fight and a fight it is, but the right words must be said. You owe those who suffered across the last 3 years to say the right words. It does help the healing. Please consider you are highly regarded and people welcome you and you have a strong voice and a strong message and please consider addressing that tweet as above.

This is how I look at it in simple. Folk with lofty titles and position used that e.g. doctors, on the upside when it was hip to slander and demean and ostracize people and help punish people (deny them scripts, exemptions and many lost their jobs and even took their lives out of desperation) who did not want the vaccine and they used their lofty titles to try to impose. People followed you. Now that it is not convenient anymore, people are trying to use their same titles to say the vaccine is not good. So benefit on the upside and on the downside. To me there is something very not good with that. So I ask you to please say the right words.

With deep respect for your service, with my arms open wide and my humility to you and all you do,

Thank you