Nothing worked, NOTHING, zero, from the manufactured lab virus to all the lockdown lunatic responses all the way to the fraud deadly mRNA technology gene injection, NONE of it worked, nothing we did

by Paul Alexander

Had we done NOTHING, we would have not lost the lives we did; the COVID lockdown policies to the fraud deadly vaccine, KILLED the vast majority of people; NOTHING we did worked, it COULD not!

I will be writing and speaking now about why NOTHING could have worked, nothing. Left on our own, we would have managed and recovered out of the emergency (it was never a pandemic) quickly. We in effect created a fraud false pandemic. A pandemic that ‘never was’.

Nothing COULD work.

Nothing we did worked Writ Large and could not work because of the pathogen we were dealing with. And all involved, especially with the COVID gene injection vaccine, knew it. All those who were linked to the vaccine in any manner, the contents, in any manner, knew it could not have worked. This vaccine for this virus. They knew it.


It did however show us and open up to us a new frontier into clinical management in these situations and why it is imperative we shift away from big pharma and the fraud of the costly ineffective drugs and the dangerous often sub-optimally developed vaccines to cheaper, more effective, safer, off-label, generic, repurposed alternatives that already exist.

I need you to understand the statement, NOTHING worked! It was really all up to you, your immune systems, your body, YOU.

We had a low-level largely benign pathogen released (IMO several labs and several strains, sub-variants) that was always circulating (way before February 2020) and those involved knew it, we officially ‘detected’ it with the RT-PCR over-cycled over-sensitive process (above 24 cycles) but it was always there. They knew it. They, Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins and various agencies and communities knew they were detecting something as ‘novel’ that was never ‘novel’, it was always there. They used it to damage Trump which is one benefit to them. They used this to take power and will never give it back unless we take it back.

Everything done could have ‘never’ worked and I am beginning to explain to you my view that has evolved as I studied this more and asked questions and collaborated.


Stand by for what I will share shortly will turn everything upside down. IMO.