Novak Djokovic, 'church bell gonads', tells US Open take their tournament & shove it up their as**s! You got to love this guy, huge respect, classy, funny, brutally talented, & the best to ever play

by Paul Alexander

“Yeah, I mean, I’m not vaccinated, and I’m not planning to get vaccinated"; this guy has the right approach, stand your ground, this COVID shot is deadly, ineffective and has no benefit for him

If he is COVID recovered, or allergic, or does not want it, and he has made his decision, is healthy, young, making reasonable decisions, then if he does not want it, why should he have to take it to feed the insanity of the lockdown lunatics? I say no way, never take this dangerous crap and you will get your wins. You already won, a hero for saying no and be willing to sacrifice money and awards…those who took the shots are the ones in medical trouble. What they want is for his to share their risk, he understands the game plan.


“Yeah, I mean, I’m not vaccinated, and I’m not planning to get vaccinated, so the only good news I can have is them removing the mandated green vaccine card — or whatever you call it — to enter United States, or exemption,” he said Sunday. “I don’t know. I don’t think exemption is realistically possible. If that is possibility, I don’t know what exemption would be about. I don’t know. I don’t have much answer there. I think it’s just whether or not they remove this in time for me to get to U.S.A.”