Novak Djokovic entered the US, played in the US Open in 2021, unvaccinated then, had COVID, recovered, the virus is now mild, the vaccine has shown to fail & ineffective & dangerous, but he can't now?

by Paul Alexander

This is just pure political bullshit, they lost! Fauci, Bourla (Pfizer), Bancel (Moderna), Francis Collins (COVID virus developer), Walensky (CDC idiot director), Ashish Jha (Biden's idiot advisor)

Many who ridicule and slam and slander and try to hurt Novak, I hope he is reading this. You sit back Novak, many of them will be dead in time. They listened to the malfeasants Fauci and Francis Collins and Albert Bourla. There is an opportunity cost to this, you got your vaccinal antibodies but you damaged your natural immunity and opened the harm and death door to your self. An opportunity cost, you got one thing and lost another. Your safety.

They have no clue how vaccine injured they are. You guard your natural immunity and tell them shove their US Open up their asses, sideways! You never take those shots, your immune system if it can be bottled and sold, can make you a rich man. All of ours! You sit back. We tried to warn them!

They lost their malevolent scheme and we are no longer falling for it and they know it, parents are not vaccinating their < 5 year olds as was planned by the malfeasants. So they are in panic mode! Denying Novak to play is pure illogical, irrational, absurd, specious, non-sensical, unsound, ridiculous policy with no scientific justification. Every person I named above are pure idiots, morons of the highest order, the most stupid inane and vacuous corruptible people who have harmed the US in many ways, including causing many of our healthy people to commit suicide in the heights of the COVID lockdown lunacy. I pray nightly for our police and military who were mandated to take the fraud dangerous COVID gene shot for many in time will die, I tell you purely what you need to know, they will die and these people I named above know it! They caused it and will cause it and what they have done is unforgivable. It’s the cost of them doing business!

Every single COVID policy, from lockdowns to the COVID injection is a fraud and was a fraud and a lie and 100% they all knew it, many in Trump’s administration who started this. Now in Biden’s. Their actions, their policies, people like Fauci (who will soon use the age card to get you to not punish him for his wrongs) and Birx…no, no, no, we must punish them harshly once it is shown in proper inquiries that they caused deaths needlessly. We clean them out financially and jail them, jail as many as warranted!


America embarrasses itself by barring unvaxxed Novak Djokovic from competing in US Open