Novak Djokovic GOAT: McEnroe defends him and his choice of no fraud COVID vaccine, huge stones John, I love it, always was a brawler huge respects, that ESPN commentator Chris Fowler, what a moron

by Paul Alexander

what a misled misguided idiot, head up the ass of someone paying him, for he cannot be that stupid after he has seen around him the fraud shot does not work and is deadly; dimwit!

Novak has shown real class and conviction and if US government will not let him come play in the US Open, then go to the Southern border and walk in with the illegals of which many are rapists and murderers and crooks, many great sweet people but many are murderers (and they are bringing in Fentanyl from Wuhan China that kills Americans; seems the Biden administration has no issue with this given the word that many high up connected elites are behind the drug financing and allowing safe passage into the US homeland, ssshhhhh, don’t spread that around), so Novak, just walk in with them with your rackets and jump on one of the buses and head to New York and go play. Case closed.

One king today, one is a xxxx today, of the worst order.

This beast Gates had the nerve to attend the game? Need to verify so, what an inept loser.

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BOOM, Novak Djokovic wins Australian Open & will go on to be the greatest who ever played; he defended his natural immunity & told them shove your COVID gene shot, he WON! He has lived to gloat!
First, look at the challenges pilots are now facing? Look at the silent move by FAA to lift the threshold for PR interval of 200 ms to 300 ms. Why? This is a very dangerous signal. Novak was correct then and still correct now. Yes, shove your COVID gene injection up your corrupted criminal arses at CDC and FDA and NIH and Pfizer. Shove it! Novak underst…
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