Novak, what's wrong with you my brother? Media reports you are in tricky situation now begging US government to play at Indian Wells? Special permit? Hell no! I told you, just go to Southern border

by Paul Alexander

join the ongoing batch of illegals Biden et al. allows to pour in daily, make sure bring your rackets & just stroll across, you will get Social security & just take a bus to where you wish to go!

and go play and win too, no doubt you are the greatest to have played the game and you are the boss flipping them all the bird with your natural immunity, a real warrior and we admire you; don’t fold, don’t ask for shit from them, wait, you will break all records…so just stroll in and you can even buy a house, a car, start your kids in school, all for free, and get free housing, food stamps, welfare, you can get it all, just do not bring any of that Wuhan Fentanyl with you that Biden and his government is allowing daily that kills Americans…don’t please! other than that, welcome!