Now tell me, this was on TikTok & someone sent to me and I think on Gab too; why? IMO, wrong on so many levels & I don't know where to begin. This pains me as a parent. Why would they do the boy this?

by Paul Alexander

This is very serious! I just do not understand this. The world is now screwed up bigtime.

Update: I have removed the video (link no longer interactive) for one of the subscribers of my stack made a good argument and I did think of this prior but felt it was in the media already. But she is right. This child, likely 12 years old, did not ask to be put in a dress and put out this way. This is a child and we as adults must not partake in sickness by other adults. We mean no ill and in my mind, the hope always is for the issue to be fixed by sanitizing it with light. In this case, I do not wish to be one that contributes to shaming a child. So I pulled it down. I thank her for raising that point and well taken. My only hope is that the parents would come to their right senses at some point and this kid grows up ‘normal’, well as normal as could be and has a decent great shot at life and go on to be greatness!