Now you tell me, what the EFF do I say or you say when looking at this photo? What? Do you understand the issues at hand? Do you understand what Biden & his ilk are doing to America? Bruce Jenner sh*t

by Paul Alexander

What in this photo makes sense? I can't, I just can't. I swear if there was another world somewhere I would go there for this one we live in is batshit crazy!

What can I say? Lord have mercy on us, give me some strength Lord, to navigate the filth and stench of this madness for madness it is! I am lost for words.

Can you help these people?

This is a pervert, this is sick perversion, don’t try that crap with me about they have issues…these are twisted perverts, pedophiles too. Like the crypto people. Pedophiles. Those big monied folk running crypto especially in Puerto Rico. Check.

So it is not good enough to destroy marriages, human relationships, they, these bitches now have to go after motherhood, fatherhood, parenting….sick freakish freakish men want to be women now as this transgender madness and we are to sit back and take it…and to me, this is just perverted men wanting to get into the bathroom of your young girl child…into women’s bathrooms.

Look, I don’t care if you are a dystopian freak and want to do sick shit in your homes and fondle your backyard chickens and puppies and cats and bang your horses and cows, I know you horse and cow owners fondle your horses, we hear about it, sick freaks some of you, but don’t go interfering with the poor babies, come on.