Now you understand why someone saying they represented Pfizer called me twice, and asked me about a salary & signing; yes I said 'no' but the key issue is they knew what was coming with the documents

by Paul Alexander

These people knew that the judge who ordered the release dealt a death blow to these criminals IMO, that the info would come out to see they were lying and malevolent all along, with Fauci, LIARS!!!!

They knew I am their greatest nightmare for I am punishing them technically and scientifically….and calling them out including Bourla.

Yes, I have been punishing these beasts scientifically and they got nothing, no answer. CDC, NIH, FDA, Fauci, Bourla, Francis Collins, Walensky…they have been complicit with the pharma and have costed lives. Trump admin and now Biden admin…people who sold us out for money….for their own benefit.

Trump I supported and it is now his time to stand up…protect the children, protect the nation from these failed injections, Mr. President, no more silence. I dont blame him, he is not a scientist and he was mislead. Badly. He trusted and they failed him, he failed to trust his gut instinct and fire Fauci and Birx day 1.

I was punished having worked for Trump and lost 2 jobs and called out the administration and Pfizer and Moderna for the vaccines and punished them over the lockdowns and school closures. Lockdown lunatics. Yes, I have been hammering Bourla CEO of Pfizer for I saw the data and understood this was dangerous to the nation and world. Same Bancel of Moderna. My office was below the Moderna office at HHS, Washington, thats all I will say here, so I know that and more, but I have shared what needs to be shared already for my own protection. The injection was not working and very unsafe. Very early on and they knew it. It was never studied properly. It has killed many and will kill many more, thousands. It must be stopped and no matter how many threats I get, I will not stop going after these malfeasants who have harmed our nations. Yes, I was targeted for destruction, told to me in DC, but this battle is bigger than me and it is about exposing these malfeasants, this is about saving our healthy low risk children and our police and our military…

I will wage the battle and have stood with the Canadian and US truckers who really have stood up while doctors and scientists stood down. The real heroes are the truckers, beautiful people. Strong and resolute and the abuse they took in Canada and now in US, is outrageous. Thanks to Kory et al., we will fight.

Urso and Kory will join me in California to rally for the truckers April 10th. I think 8 pm EST, location to be announced on People’s Convoy website.