Number of Americans dying since the vaccines were introduced is up 140%, non-COVID; staggering data; this is a pandemic of both vaccinated and unvaccinated; but the vaccines present a REAL threat

by Paul Alexander

Dr. Pierre Kory says the vaccines are not safe and effective, and for each age range, the all cause mortality is dramatically higher in the vaccinated over unvaccinated (18-64 years old)

The only difference between 2020 and 2021, is the vaccine was introduced. In 2020 we had COVID circulating but no vaccine…so it is very credible that the excess mortality in 2021 above 2020 is due to the vaccine; we even argue Bradford and Hill’s causality criteria are met e.g. temporality, biological plausibility etc. if you wanted to look at it this way…

We have reports of babies being born bleeding from the mouth and nose and some doctors are saying it is likely linked to the vaccine the mother had.

If we keep injecting people with this vaccine, we will see catastrophic death to come.