NYC crime, the subway crime I had to re-post this for now people are calling for vigilante justice like 1984 Bernhard Goetz again, I say NO, let police handle; mayor Adams, take your head out your ass

by Paul Alexander

same for Hochul, what a dolt dimwit that governor is, makes Cuomo blush and he was bad for NY.


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NYC subway crime looking like 1980s again..."Not Again: Subway crime in 2022 looks a lot like the 1980s" "How bad is crime on subways? Today police say the robbers were getting robbed; Bernhard Goetz?
We do not want vigilantism, no, the police can do the job if they have support from the governor and mayor and tools needed and the no cash bail bull crap must go and these criminals must be locked away long and hard. NYC ‘no bail’ laws are pure junk garbage and rewards the criminals…
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