NYT (New York Times): Has the NYT finally slid its head from out of its as*? By the reporting we have had 3 years now on COVID, it, the NYT, has a very massive assho*e & it will be easy to do!

by Paul Alexander

NYT: "Will Covid Boosters Prevent Another Wave? Scientists Aren’t So Sure."; huh? We have written this 2 years now & CDC, NIH, FDA, Moderna, Pfizer officials told me at HHS that ADEI, OAS WILL occur

Huh? Scientists not so sure now about boosters working? Are you EFF in kidding me? It is the vaccine you idiot at NYT, it is the vaccine that is driving the waves, it is the vaccine, stupid! Not the virus!



What took NYT so long to write about something that we, Geert Vanden Bossche, myself, McCullough et al. have been writing and talking about for 2 years now? We have told the as*holes at NYT and everywhere that these COVID mRNA gene injections would and have failed and do not protect the upper airways. Moreover, if this fraud failed vaccine continues, the result will be infectious variant after infectious variant and thus original antigenic sin (immune fixation), viral immune escape, and antibody-dependent enhancement of infection and disease will result. Viral immune escape.

We have said this over and over and a simple question: the dominant sub-variant BA.5 is being displaced by BQ.1 etc. The 8-mice bivalent booster does not even hit it, a mismatch. It fails on BA.5, go ask CDC’s Rochelle. So why do we continue with boosters? We knew this is a money making step and also power-drunk government lunatics and alphabet health agency lunatics so as to keep this pandemic ongoing for 100 more years with emergency power declarations in place. They know what they are doing. This is not about ‘COVID’. It was evident day 1 that there is a malevolent agenda at play. It is either these people are inept or malfeasant and I am thinking a bit of the two and leaning to the latter.

If you mass vaccinate (and boost) across age-groups and into a pandemic (in the midst of a pandemic) with elevated infectious pressure (while virus is circulating), and using a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus (a vaccine that is non-neutralizing, does not stop infection, replication, transmission as is the COVID gene vaccine), a vaccine that induces antigen-specific, non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies, then Darwinian natural selection pressure (due to mounting vaccinal antibodies that have not yet reached its maximal fully matured & developed ‘binding affinity’ for the antigen epitopes/binding sites) will play a strong role. This mounting sub-optimal immune pressure will ‘pressure’ the spike antigen or infectiousness of the virus and ‘fittest’ variants will overcome the selection pressure. MISMATCH then of induced vaccinal antibodies with target antigen. Vaccinal antibodies will not be able to neutralize but can still bind to the virus.

With selection pressure, there will be consequent viral immune escape, with original antigenic sin (I call it ‘mortal antigenic sin) (immune fixation, immune priming, pathogenic priming, prejudicing to the initial prime or exposure, recalling induced antibodies to the initial prime), and thus the viral mutants that are ‘fittest’ and ‘strongest’ that can overcome this sub-optimal mounting population immune pressure will be selected forward, and become enriched in the environment and become dominant. You saw this in Delta and Omicron and all of its sub-variants/clades. There will thus be ongoing continual transmission and as such, waves. You will also see the waves not coming back to baseline and as such not getting to herd immunity. In other words, those doing this, those pharma and health officials and policy makers doing this, continuing this failed vaccine, know full well that this pandemic will continue for 100 more years, with infectious variant after infectious variant emerging.

So duh, scientists and NYT, take your heads out of your ass*s and go back to basic immunology and virology and biology (as I understand it) to understand that you do not approach this virus in isolation. You have to approach this appreciating the interplay between the virus and the host immune system (population immune response) and how they react to each other and adjust based on either placing pressure. You have to understand the role of ‘mounting’ sub-optimal ‘immature’ binding affinity antibodies and the impact of this (non-neutralizing capacity) on the spike epitopes. And thus how the virus will evolve due to this sub-optimality as well as the pressure from circulating virus. You are trying to load your weapon when the enemy is on the battlefield. This is the analogy. If you are vaccinating into a pandemic and the antibodies cannot mature to full binding affinity (not given time or space to) and there is virus circulating massively, the result will be sub-optimal immune pressure on the antigen and thus more infectious variants emerging.