NYT: "The U.S. May Be Losing the Fight Against Monkeypox, Scientists Say"; To Gay & Bisexual community in US & Canada etc. I say, stop having eff in anal sex contact for 3 weeks, no skin-to-skin, none

by Paul Alexander

If Fauci & Francis Collins & Rochelle Walensky & CDC & NIH & FDA and WHO & Health Canada won't tell you, I am telling you to protect you, "NO eff in sex, no anal sex, NONE, 21 days! bends the curve!

Stop it for 21 days!

This is my advise to the Gay and Bisexual community, it is not about being gay, it is the form of sexual and intimate contact, it is the skin to skin contact, the abrasive sex, it is the rectal tearing, the tearing of tissue (micro tears) in the anal canal, rectum, the penis, it is the anal sex etc., that is expanding the epidemic into the low risk general population of heterosexuals, and the bisexual community is a key driver. Yes, it is, and they won’t tell you. I am. I don’t give a shit if you are offended, this is about saving your life and ensuring you are not stigmatized and ostracized. You have a direct role Gay community in helping yourself here. You are actually behaving like little kids who don’t know what to do. Come on, going around in circles. You are big boys and girls, wake to phuck up, understand the risk you are in, stop wringing your hands about ‘I don’t know if I can go three weeks no contact’. Are you eff in kidding me? These beasts at CDC and WHO who are playing games with you locked us down for over 2 years and many healthy people killed themselves over this COVID fraud. For asymptomatic spread that was a lie too! And you cannot cool yourself for 2-3 weeks?

Look here, if a heterosexual couple had abrasive tight skin to skin contact, sexual contact and anal sex, and one had monkeypox, they would transmit it via bodily fluids, infected lesions, anal warts and pustules etc. It’s the way this is spread. It not about Gay. It’s the form of sex that this virus uses to transmit itself. Get over yourself Mr. Gay and Bisexual community and let us work to eliminate this and tell the public health to phuck off for they have failed you in this. They are damaging you! No, don’t go using condoms and the like and still engaging. No sex with clothes on bullshit. No, just stop it for a few weeks!

So stop the eff in sex, stop it! This is not about politics and woke shit for me, it’s about your well-being and protecting all of us, you in the Gay community too…stop the sex contact and we will eliminate this monkeypox virus. If not, you are risking yourself and the rest of society and I think Fauci and CDC and NIH and WHO wants it to spread and expand and become entrenched into the general population. 100% by their actions. Fauci et al. killed thousands of Gays in the 80s with his fight against Bactrim and for AZT that killed many. They are at it again, not properly PSAing and helping the high risk group. Political correctness bullshit.

Stop the eff in sex man, stop it! For your own good.


By Apoorva Mandavilli

The U.S. May Be Losing the Fight Against Monkeypox, Scientists Say; Longstanding weaknesses in the public health system are giving the virus a chance to become entrenched.