Obama-Biden gave Iran an Air Force drone to then attack Israel & US then Obama-Biden gave Iran 2 naval gunboats to give Iran technology, I said GAVE it, yes, GAVE it to then attack Israel & US & now

by Paul Alexander

Biden-Obama-Rice allows China to map the US military information with the blimp that has Darth Vadar Lloyd Austin focused on his face shield than the security risk; can't make it up!

Oh so you thought the drone landed on it’s wheels normally in Iran just like that? Back then. And the two high tech naval gun boats would run aground? Together? Silly you! Guess you never thought a US POTUS would give another nation, one packed with terrorist regimes, US military technology. Think again, Obama and Biden did and they allowed the Chinese balloon time now to map the military secrets. Two days to decide to blow up a spy satellite. Imagine that.

Air Force drone:

US naval gun boats:

Biden blimp: