"Obama: ‘More people are going to get hurt’ amid ‘demonizing’ in politics"; gall of him to say this when he flooded US with jihadists & wolves that will rape & kill our girls & his BLM brown shirts

by Paul Alexander

and don't forget antifa he too spawned and the violence on police, do not forget that, this man remains with Paul Ryan, for different reasons, two of the most dangerous people ever to hold office

Hurt by your brown and red shirts aka BLM and antifa you devised and set upon the US.

This man stoked violence when he was POTUS, on his opponents and anyone who did not support the radical agenda and anyone who said no to jihadists entering the US e.g. Tashfeen. He has been running the US, yes, he has had a third term, 2 years into it and he is realizing again, the voters don’t want you were selling. They do not want to Barak, now get away! Who is more divisive than you, Barak?

You and Biden did so much damage to the US, you and Biden should be ashamed and I want republicans or someone with stones, so not saying the republicans as they are often deballed, talk tough but are eunuchs at best, so someone to look into your past, since you like to look into Trump’s, go back and examine you and Holder and the like and see if we can get some real investigations and the like *cough cough * gun running in Mexico *cough cough*


Obama: ‘More people are going to get hurt’ amid ‘demonizing’ in politics

‘Former President Obama warned during a campaign rally in Nevada on Wednesday that violent incidents like last week’s attack on Paul Pelosi will continue in a political climate rife with “demonizing” of opponents.

“This increasing habit of demonizing political opponents creates a dangerous climate,” Obama said.’