Of Dr. Bandy Lee & Trump & Yale: "Yale psychiatrist loses attempt to get her job back after assertions about then-President Trump’s mental health"; Bandy is the classic 'Trump Derangement Syndrome"

by Paul Alexander

Thank God Yale gave her the boot, yes, she & we have our rights of free speech but she used her credentials to slander & smear & attack Trump due to her hatred of him; he was NOT her patient

This person in all her gleeful hatred of Trump would go on media and say things about Trump as if she is making a professional diagnosis and he was not her patient to do this, but her statements were serious and meant to smear him and make him look sick to the viewer when it was grounded in pure hate of him. In the wrong hands such can carry weight. We knew she was mental but what she did was very very wrong and thank God Yale grew some stones.

“I want to emphasize that you did not make these statements as a layperson offering a political judgment; you made them explicitly in your professional capacity as a psychiatrist and on the basis of your psychiatric knowledge and judgment,” Dr. John Krystal, the chair of the Psychiatry Department, told Lee in a 2020 letter. “For that reason, the committee decided it was appropriate to consider how these statements reflected your ability to teach trainees.”


Lee’s opinion of Trump’s mental health became widely known in 2017 when she organized a conference at Yale that resulted in publication of the book “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.” The authors suggested that Trump’s mental health was, among other things, undermining the national mental health and threatening democracy.’